Cannondale Moterra Neo EQ

Cannondale Moterra Neo EQ

Top Features of the Cannondale Moterra Neo EQ

  • Bosch Performance Line CX motor and 750Wh battery offering up to 175 km of range for extended adventures.
  • RockShox 35 Silver R fork, 150mm travel and Proportional Response Tuned SmartForm Alloy frame, 130mm rear travel for excellent handling on rough terrains.
  • Shimano XT/Deore 12-speed drivetrain for reliable shifting performance.
  • Built-in essentials including lights, fenders, kickstand and rack for versatile usage across commuting, touring and fun trail rides.

Our Verdict: Trail-ready with serious commuting capabilities, the Cannondale Moterra Neo EQ is a top-tier e-bike that seamlessly combines powerful performance, excellent suspension and practical features. Perfect for those who refuse to compromise between work and play.

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Introducing the Cannondale Moterra Neo EQ, a hybrid e-mountain bike that promises limitless commuting fun and unbeatable off-road capabilities. Defined by its smart and proportional design, the Moterra Neo EQ is an exceptional fusion of function, power, and style. Ideal for the passionate trail shredders and urban riders seeking out new thrills and experiences, this e-bike operates on the cutting edge and is bound to impress.

Built for Power: The Cannondale Moterra Neo EQ

Emerging from Cannondale's established Moterra Neo electric mountain bike range, the Moterra Neo EQ stands distinct with its unbeatable urban mobility features. A smooth-riding commuter and a trail-conquering beast, this e-bike is made to extend the boundaries of regular cycling. Its smart alloy frame offers both strength and tactility, while the 130mm rear travel ensures maximum comfort over rough surfaces. The premium quality RockShox 35 Silver R fork with its 150mm travel seamlessly complements the rear suspension to guarantee a buttery smooth riding experience no matter the terrain.

  • Shimano XT/Deore 12-speed drivetrain
  • Bosch SmartSystem - 750Wh battery & Performance CX motor
  • Rear-rack, fenders, and kickstand
  • Lights for optimal visibility

Getting this e-SUV into shape is a Bosch 750Wh battery that dispels any fear of running out of juice in the middle of nowhere. Paired with the iconic Bosch power, the Moterra Neo EQ is unstoppable. It supports up to 25km/h speed providing pedal assistance to ease even the most challenging avenues. The revolutionary power management system ensures you get to ride more, charge less, and have limitless fun.

Experience Unmatched: Ride the Moterra Neo EQ

Whether you're flying through the woods or cruising city streets, the Cannondale Moterra Neo EQ shines in all conditions. Built for touring, commuting, and trail-riding fun, the e-bike is aptly suited for diverse terrain. The RockShox suspension and its fat tires smooth out any bumps in the road, allowing for controlled and comfortable rides. When faced with berms, trails or gnarly inclines, the e-mountain bike charges through with the ease of a hardtail, minimizing rider fatigue and maximizing performance.

The integrated rear rack can carry up to 15kg of gear, letting you shred challenging singletracks without the added weight of a backpack. The e-bike also features powerful lights co-developed with renowned light maker Lezyne ensuring maximum visibility in any light conditions. The Moterra Neo EQ is not just about functionality and power; it is also about comfort. The seat lowers at the push of a lever to make getting on and off the bike easier and provides additional room to manoeuver on technical trails.

Specs-to-Spec: The Cannondale Moterra Neo EQ in Detail

The Moterra Neo EQ runs with a high-quality Shimano XT/Deore 12-speed drivetrain configuration. The drivetrain allows for effortless shifts amidst adversity, helping climbers to hammer steep ascents, and letting shredders rail gnarly descents. The Shimano MT420 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes provide dependable stopping power in all weather conditions.

The 750Wh battery offers a range up to 175 km on one charge, a pleasant nudge to anyone wanting to extend their adventures. The Bosch Performance Line CX drive unit delivers torque of up to 85Nm, boosting your output by up to 340% in an entirely organic and intuitive-feeling manner. This, indeed, is an electric mountain biking power in its prime. The corresponding wheels feature WTB ST i30 TCS rims, equipped with Continental eRuban 29x2.3" tires providing excellent traction and control.

From FSA Bosch E-bike cranks with custom Ai offset to Proportional Response Tuned Suspension, this e-mountain bike showcases Cannondale's commitment to quality and innovation in every feature.


This is a bike that riders not only enjoy but also appreciate for its versatility. The Moterra Neo EQ's fusion of commuting practicalities and trail-ripping capabilities makes it a crowd favourite. User reviews often praise the bike's power-assisted ride, even when tackling challenging terrain - the bike gives riders a major advantage, allowing them to 'send it' off-road or undertake lengthy commutes without suffering fatigue. Thus, the Cannondale Moterra Neo EQ makes for a commendable choice for both beginners venturing into e-cycling and seasoned cyclists alike.