Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 2 StepThru

Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 2 StepThru

At a glance: Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 2 StepThru

  • SmartForm C2 Alloy frame
  • Bosch Performance Line 250W drive-unit
  • 625Wh battery with up to 140km range
  • Shimano Deore 10-speed shifting
  • Hydraulic disc brakes

Our Verdict: The Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 2 StepThru is an exceptionally crafted e-bike built for commuting, touring, and exploring. Its versatile features offer a blend of robust performance and accessible utility, perfect for riders seeking adventure on both city streets and backroads.

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Meet the Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 2 StepThru, an electric commuter and explorer bike designed to breathe a sense of adventure into your daily commutes and weekend ride-outs. Easing its way into the market with superior features and an enlightened design, this E-bike thrives not just on city roads but also loves the ruggedness of off-road riding. At its core, it's refined for commuting, touring, and exploring, embodying a clever balance of urban usability and backroad capability.

The Unbridled Design of Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 2 StepThru

The Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 2 StepThru boasts a SmartForm C2 Alloy frame that provides both durability and agility, effortlessly bearing the weight of daily commutes and off-road adventures. Moreover, the frame houses a removable 625Wh battery integrated into the downtube, adding to the aesthetic form as well as facilitating convenience for the rider. It also sports an integrated front running light for added safety during those early morning or late evening rides.

Complimenting the lightweight, robust frame is the SR Suntour Mobie A32 fork offering a travel distance of 63mm, perfect to smoothen out even the gnarliest of terrains. The fork also features an intelligent preload adjuster, a handy lockout, and a crown light mount - a tangible evidence of Cannondale's attention to detail.

Impressive Technology Fueled Rides

The Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 2 StepThru is powered by Bosch's new Smart System Performance drive unit, providing pedal assist for speeds up to 25km/hr, and a top-notch 625Wh battery. Together, they ensure an impressive e-bike range of up to 140km, perfect for those longer weekend rides or daily, rigorous commuting.

Furthermore, the drive system can be controlled and customized via the eBike Flow app, and is regularly updated 'over the air' for a personalized experience. The silent, natural-feeling power delivered by Bosch’s new Performance drive unit is nothing short of mesmerizing, providing an effortless acceleration and an enticing versatility.

Experience the Ride of Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 2 StepThru

Whether it’s dicing through city traffic or carving out turns off-road, the sportive riding position and the precise handling make for a thrilling ride. The bike's capability on any terrain, be it off-road trails or busy urban streets, makes it a versatile partner for the urban explorer or backroad hacker.

The strong Shimano Deore 10-speed shifting ensures a seamless availability of the right gear, whether you're climbing a steep hill or cruising down a singletrack. Moreover, the hydraulic disc brakes offer eminent stopping power and control, becoming a true asset while hammering down descents or maneuvering the busy urban traffic.

The Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 2 StepThru also focuses on rider visibility at all times. It features a running light integrated into the front of the frame, along with a powerful Axa headlight and a bright tail light. The combination ensures safety during early morning rides, nocturnal adventures or simply cloudy, foggy days.

Technical Specification of Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 2 StepThru

At the heart of the bike's drivetrain is a Shimano Deore M4120, 10-speed rear derailleur working in perfect synergy with Shimano Deore M4100 shifters. The bike also features a Shimano HG54, 10-speed chain and FSA cranks designed specifically for Bosch. The rear cogs come in Shimano Deore M4100, 11-42, 10-speed configuration for a diverse range of gearing options.

The bike stands firm on Alloy double-wall rims with 32 holes and a 25mm internal width, accommodating magnificent 27.5"/29" Continental Race King tires. The front hub is Shimano MT400B featuring a 110x15mm thru-axle, whereas the rear hub is Shimano UR600 with 134QR. With 180/180mm RT30 rotors featuring Shimano MT400 hydraulic disc brakes, the stopping power of the bike is simply outstanding.

Design-wise, the bike makes use of comfortable Cannondale Ergo Fitness Dual Density grips, supported by a 740mm wide Cannondale 3 Riser handlebar. The Cannondale 4, 6061 Alloy, 31.6 seatpost and Selle Royal Vivo Active Ergo saddle with reflective accents ensure that the rider's comfort is never compromised, whether on a short commute or a long, trail ride.


In summary, the Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 2 StepThru represents a sublime amalgamation of urban functionality and off-road prowess wrapped in a durable and stylish frame. Its powerful Bosch drive unit and battery ensure an exhilarating ride in a multitude of scenarios, be it the city streets or gnarly backroads. Riders highlight its excellent commuting capabilities along with an alpine-ready gear system, adding laurels to this captivating E-bike.