Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 1

Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 1

  • Commuter E-bike: The Tesoro Neo X 1 is perfect for commuting, touring, and exploring with its robust design.
  • Bosch Smart System: Integrated with a powerful 250W drive unit, the 750Wh battery offers a maximum range of up to 175km.
  • Drive Unit and Battery: The Bosch Performance Line CX drive unit together with the 750Wh battery ensures smooth, long-lasting performance.
  • Shimano Drivetrain: Equipped with Shimano Deore LinkGlide 10-speed drivetrain and Magura MT C hydraulic disc brakes for seamless shifting and braking.
  • SmartForm C1 Alloy Frame: With its SmartForm C1 alloy frame and SR Suntour XCR34 100mm travel fork, it offers great stability and comfort.

Our Verdict: Cannondale's Tesoro Neo X 1 is a superbly crafted e-bike with compelling versatility, offering great range and effortless acceleration. Its robust components and unique features like integrated running lights and customizable eBike Flow app integration make it a truly exceptional ride suitable for every commute or adventure.

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Sporty, robust and purpose-built for trail-blazing across the city streets as well as the adventurous backroad, the Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 1 is a game-changer in the realm of commuter e-bikes. Capable of transitioning from weekday commuting to weekend exploring with the same energetic performance, this bike offers thrilling utility to both leisure riders and established cyclists. Marrying advanced tech with durability and comfort, it sets the stage for exhilarating journeys, and endless traction no matter the weather conditions or terrains. This e-bike aims to redefine the meaning of powerful and versatile commuting by providing a unique blend of reliable components, integrated functions and unmatched rider comfort.

The Remarkable Features of the Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 1

Every aspect of the Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 1 tells a tale of well-thought-out design and new-age technology. From the frame to the drivetrain, and the onboard tech rightdown to the wheels, each element has been imagined to optimise the rider’s experience.

SmartForm C1 Alloy Frame and SR Suntour XCR34 Fork

The primary feature of this bike is its SmartForm C1 Alloy frame. This material choice offers a blend of lightweight construction and uncompromised strength, ensuring maximum versatility and durability. An added highlight is the bicycle's SR Suntour XCR34 fork with 100mm of travel, lending the bike sturdiness and capability to handle all sorts of trails and terrains. This feature complements the versatility of the alloy frame, imparting enhanced resilience while ensuring the ride stays smooth.

Impressive Shimano Deore LinkGlide Drivetrain

When driving down the mountain trail or breezing through city traffic, the efficiency of the Shimano Deore LinkGlide 10-speed drivetrain becomes evident. This efficient drivetrain, configured with Panasonic's LinkGlide system, ensures seamless shifting and sustained performance even under high loads. This promises an overall smooth and graceful riding experience.

Bosch's Smart System

The bike is powered by Bosch’s new Smart System which features a Performance Line CX 250W drive unit and impressive 750Wh battery. Bosch’s integrated drive system is entirely networked and can be customized using Bosch’s proprietary eBike Flow app. The system offers an impressive range of up to 175km on a single charge, lending the rider virtually limitless boundaries and exhilarating journeys.

Mixed Terrain Conqueror

The Tesoro Neo X 1's readiness for any terrain is also part of its charm. Equipped with robust components and grippy mixed-surface tyres, it is unruffled by gravel, dirt, tarmac, or anything in between. On this bike, the rider is not limited by terrain and can explore every road with uncompromised stability and proficiency.

Technical Specifications

The Tesoro Neo X 1 is equipped with the Shimano Deore LinkGlide Shadow RD+ rear derailleur, ensuring quick, efficient shifting. The drive unit of the bike is a Bosch Gen4 equipped with a 38T chainring. The rear cogs are Shimano Deore LinkGlide, 11-43, 10-speed, offering a broad range of speeds. The front and rear wheels are equipped with Maxxis Pace tyres of 29x2.1" size for sizes M, L, and XL while for size S, it utilises 27.5x2.1" tyres.

When it comes to braking power, the Tesoro Neo X 1 comes with Magura MT C 2-piston hydraulic disc brakes supported by MDR-C rotors, measuring 203mm for both front and rear. This braking system offers trustworthy stopping power needed for quick and precise stops, ensuring safety in all situations. The wheel hubs are Shimano components as well, with the front hub being the Shimano MT400 with a 15x110mm thru-axle, while the rear hub is a Shimano R600 with a 32H quick release.


The Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 1 has garnered rave reviews from both experienced cyclists and casual riders. Riders commend the bike’s ergonomics and performance, whether in the context of daily commuting or weekend adventures. The reliable braking power, seamless gear shifting, and efficient electric motor further enhance the riding experience. Riders also noted the impressive battery life and riding range – a bonus for those embarking on longer journeys or overnight camping. In conclusion, the Tesoro Neo X 1 does more than serve the commuting needs – this e-bike is the perfect partner that riders can rely on for any adventure.