Cannondale Moterra Neo LT Carbon 1

Cannondale Moterra Neo LT Carbon 1

At a Glance:

  • Drive System: Bosch Performance Line CX 250W
  • Battery: Bosch PowerTube, 750Wh
  • Suspension: Proportional Response Tuned Suspension with 165mm travel
  • Frame: Carbon Front Triangle, SmartForm C1 Alloy Swingarm
  • Added Features: Front light, skid plate, and 34T chain

Our Verdict: With cutting-edge drive unit, high-capacity battery, purpose-made suspension, and lightweight yet strong build, the Cannondale Moterra Neo LT Carbon 1 offers unparalleled performance and durability. It's an e-mountain bike truly in a league of its own.

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Electric mountain bikes are undeniably a game-changer, taking the sport to all new heights and terrains. One such contender that has made a massive splash in the digital cycling community is the Cannondale Moterra Neo LT Carbon 1. Specifically modelled for handling, traction, efficiency and durability, this revolutionary MTB has targeted passionate riders with an appetite for adventure. Deemed a leader in its market segment, it ingeniously combines technology and design to ensure off-roading experiences have never been this exhilarating.

An In-depth Look at the Cannondale Moterra Neo LT Carbon 1

At first glance, this e-mountain bike commands attention. It’s not just another rugged-looking bike; it showcases a tuned carbon frame and alloy swingarm designed to absorb and adapt to the unpredictable rough terrains. The main frame is crafted with sophisticated carbon fibre, carefully balancing minimal weight with robust durability. This design choice not only helps keep the bike light, but it is also backed by a lifetime warranty, perfect for the hardcore cyclist.

The Masterstroke in its design has to be the Proportional Response Suspension system that adjusts the kinematics based on the rider's size. The bike incorporates different mounting points, links, and leverage ratios, ensuring each rider size gets a customised suspension performance. This leads to a personalised, efficient riding experience, providing more traction and better suspension under braking.

A Night Rider's Dream

The Moterra Neo includes a front headlight that emits a whopping 1000 lumens, generously illuminating your path and allowing you to shred trails well into the night.

Performance Under Various Scenarios

Shredding gnarly terrains or hammering up steep climbs, this bike performs admirably. Riders can tackle all sorts of terrain, whether it be gravel paths, woodland singletracks, or rocky inclines. With 170mm/165mm of travel, the bike's long-travel e-mountain design helps it maintain stability and composure even when descending the nastiest of slopes, providing a stable and refined ride.

No matter the trails or weather conditions, the bike's power-assist system can enhance your performance by up to 340%, making challenging climbs feel more approachable. Rain or shine, this bike is built for an efficient, fast, yet controlled, ride.

Technical Specifications

The Cannondale Moterra Neo LT Carbon 1 contains a heavy-duty drivetrain incorporating a Shimano XT 12-speed rear derailleur for a fast and seamless shifting experience. Merged with the Shimano XT chain, this drivetrain is designed for maximum strength and durability, which ensures that you are always in control, no matter the trail conditions.

The brake system comprises SRAM Code RSC hydraulic disc brakes, complete with 220/200mm rotors perfect for swift stops and optimal control. The E-System sports a Bosch Performance Line CX 250W drive unit and a 750Wh battery, offering characteristics in line with Bosch's reputation for reliability and endurance. The Bosch Kiox 300 with LED remote provides riders with on-the-go display and control, letting you keep track of essential cycling metrics.

To deliver robust control and stability on any terrain, the wheels are designed with WTB KOM Trail i30 TCS rims that are tubeless-ready and use DT Swiss Champion spokes. The bike uses the Maxxis Assegai front tire and Maxxis DHR II rear tire, both 2.6" in size and enhanced with 3C and EXO+ technologies for better grip and puncture protection.


The Moterra Neo LT Carbon 1 has been heralded as a game-changer in the world of e-mountain biking. It enables riders to take on challenging trails with energy, enthusiasm, and elegance, enhancing both thrill and riding efficiency. Riders savour the powerful yet smooth ride it delivers, with enough juice to last for extended periods on the most demanding terrains. The bike's natural-feeling torque boost and reliable brakes undoubtedly contribute to an electrifying adventure on the trails. The Moterra Neo LT Carbon 1 builds upon Cannondale's biking pedigree and expertise, making it a top recommendation for any seasoned or enthusiastic mountain biker.