Cannondale Scalpel HT LAB71

Cannondale Scalpel HT LAB71

  • Frame: Ultralight Hi-MOD carbon frame with Proportional Response size-specific geometry

  • Suspension: 110mm Lefty Ocho Carbon, the smoothest, most precise-handling XC fork

  • Drivetrain: SRAM wireless XX SL Eagle AXS Transmission and Level Ultimate disc brakes

  • Wheels: Ultralight HollowGram XC-25 SL carbon tubeless-ready wheels

  • Connectivity: Integrated Cannondale App connectivity for accurate ride tracking

Our Verdict: The Cannondale Scalpel HT LAB71 offers advanced technology and supreme handling, making it an exceptional choice for the professional rider chasing podiums. Its ultralight construction and intuitive design places it at the forefront of the cross-country bike market.

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For those seeking the ultimate singletrack shredding experience, let us introduce the Cannondale Scalpel HT LAB71. Lending itself to the demands of competitive racers, from climbing to hammering the downhills, this hardtail is a contender providing a cutting-edge experience. Designed to provide an edge for its class on the race course, it offers a stellar amalgamation of high-end components, geometry and technology. Catering to the climbers, trail riders, and podium chasers, this remarkable piece of engineering embodies the spirit of the hardtail.

Craftsmanship Meets Advanced Technology: The Cannondale Scalpel HT LAB71 Bike Features

The Scalpel HT LAB71's design combines both form and function. Made with an ultralight Hi-MOD carbon frame, it ensures riders feel the 'light' on the trails, weighing just around 895 grams. Besides being light, its Proportional Response size-specific geometry aims at keeping the rider centered between the wheels for an exceptional traction and handling experience.

Superior Suspension: Conquer the Trail with the Lefty Ocho Carbon Fork

At the forefront of its class, the Lefty Ocho Carbon fork, possessing a unique, single-sided design, offers 110mm travel. The fork, enriched with proprietary needle bearing internals, provides an unmatched smoothness and bump response, casting unrivaled stiffness for precision and control. Its 50mm offset leading to elevated agility perfectly complements the front end. The OutFront steering feature pairs the slack head angle with an extra-long fork offset to instill riders' confidence even on the toughest singletrack, maintaining an XC-quick steering responsiveness.

Scalpel HT LAB71 Drivetrain: Excellence at Every Component

Featuring a SRAM wireless XX SL Eagle AXS Transmission drivetrain and Level Ultimate disc brakes, the Scalpel HT LAB71 guarantees superior responsiveness and control. The 12-speed combination ensures shifting precision, while the hydraulic disc brakes provide exemplary stopping power, with 180mm front and 160mm rear CenterLine rotors enhancing performance consistency.

Hit the trails with the HollowGram XC-27 SL Wheels

The tire of the Scalpel HT LAB71 is designed to handle grueling off-road conditions. The XC racer features HollowGram 25, Superlight Hi-Impact Carbon, 28h, 25mm inner width, tubeless ready rims. Cannondale's best carbon XC wheelset provides lightweight speed without sacrificing resilience and stability.

Maximize Performance with Scalpel HT LAB71's Connectivity Features

An integrated wheel sensor provides hyper-accurate speed, route, and distance information through the free Cannondale App. This connectedness ensures that your service needs are always remembered, and your ride tracking needs are always met.


In summary, the Cannondale Scalpel HT LAB71 adopts a no-compromise approach towards speed and control on the race course. With its elevated design, exotic components and advancement in engineering, it redefines the experience for riders combatting gnarly terrains, whichever path they choose. This ideal union of technical details, a testament to Cannondale’s design prowess, places this high-performance machine as a top contender for anyone in search of a hardcore off-road experience. Further rider testimonials and hands-on experience is a testament to its superb performance, making the Scalpel HT LAB71 a highly recommended choice.