Gives us all a bad name

In London where I live there are so many cars they get in the way of cyclists trying to get to work. Gives all car drivers a bad name if you ask me.

The quick guide to riding the South Downs Way

Ride West to East. You’ll have the wind behind you and you’ll be excited when you see the sea. Also, Eastbourne is the perfect destination to dream about when you’re grinding up the hills. If you’re fit aim to do the ride in two days. If you’re unfit do it in three. Do more miles in the first day than…

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Pisenti Modular Uno Bike

You won’t believe how much this 1980s carbon bike is selling for

You probably won’t ever see one of these for sale again. This is a genuine Pesenti Modulare Uno from 1987 and it’s as rare as hen’s teeth. The price for someone who wants to own such a unique, radical, iconic design? A cool £15,500 ($20,0000 USD). Equipped with Campagnolo’s Croce d’Aune groupset with Delta brakes and some of the first…

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Want to own Bauke Mollema’s aero helmet? Now you can

Want to own Bauke Mollema’s original aero helmet amongst others? Now’s your chance to grab a piece of cycling history. Suddenly offered on Facebook is this job lot of official team helmets from the Milram, Rabobank and Belkin teams. Team kit like this hardly ever comes up for sale unless you are well in the know with team employees so…

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How to tow away a car using your bicycle (video)

Scroll down for video-  You know how bad you feel when your car has broken down and you can’t afford to pay for the tow truck? Feel bad no more! This footage straight from Slovenia shows you how easy it is to get your bike doing all the work. All you need is a pallet trolley and a bit of…

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Velodrome track racing

Track Racing – As Easy as One, Two, Three

By Chris Colford, Blue Peter Presenter Are you tempted by the thrill of competition, but not exactly fond of the hills? Are you up for the big sprint, but not wild about racing for 50 miles before you get there? Are you foaming at the mouth to race, but too lazy to change gear? Are you someone who has never…

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Is This The World’s Most Expensive Cycling Jersey?

It takes a lot to shock us here at Bikesy. We’ve seen a Bugatti Bicycle for £39,000 and we’ve seen a Trek Bikes painted by Damien Hirst sell for half a million dollars but here at Bikesy Towers where the ethos is helping people save money, we think this Rapha jersey takes the biscuit! “I designed this jersey for @Rapha nearly…

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Barbed wire across a kent MTB trail

Barbed Wire Cyclist Trap Set In Kent

Imagine the scene. You’re riding along your favourite trail, safely away from the cars on the nearby road. You can hear birdsong from across the fields interspersed with the the gravel crunching underneath your wheels as you finally crest the top of the hill. You can that there are no walkers or horse riders further along the path so you…

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Thoughts on Mechanical Doping

As you’ve probably read elsewhere over the last couple of days the Belgian European U23 champion Women’s champion, Femke Van den Driessche, was found a bike with an electric motor in the seat tube. She claims it isn’t hers, but was borrowed from a friend. Incidentally, her brother, Niels Van Den Driessche, is reported as being suspended from bike racing for EPO…

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