Bank Junction closed to motor traffic

London’s Bank Junction closed to cars and open to people

Today saw a major transport shift in the City of London as Bank Junction was finally closed to motorised traffic. Bought in by the City of London Corporation the ban, between 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday, only cyclists and buses will be allowed into the junction for a trial period which will last 18 months. Authorities brought in the…

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Ride the Croydon Tour Series race

Do you want to race the Tour Series closed road circuit?

Fancy yourself as a bit of a bike racer but don’t have the time to do the full training to commit to getting up to the Elite level required to ride city centre circuit races? Well, thanks to the Tour Series now you can. If you can get yourself down to Croydon in South London on the 18th of May…

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Pisenti Modular Uno Bike

You won’t believe how much this 1980s carbon bike is selling for

You probably won’t ever see one of these for sale again. This is a genuine Pesenti Modulare Uno from 1987 and it’s as rare as hen’s teeth. The price for someone who wants to own such a unique, radical, iconic design? A cool £15,500 ($20,0000 USD). Equipped with Campagnolo’s Croce d’Aune groupset with Delta brakes and some of the first…

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garmin 1000 glasses replacement

Glasses wearers will love this new way to read their Garmin numbers when out on the bike

Are you one of those riders who has to squint to read their Garmin display? Or maybe you have to stop and put your reading glasses on to see the smaller items on the display? Or worse still do you have to get a youngster on the club run to read out the numbers for you?! Well, glasses wearing cyclists of…

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Want to own Bauke Mollema’s aero helmet? Now you can

Want to own Bauke Mollema’s original aero helmet amongst others? Now’s your chance to grab a piece of cycling history. Suddenly offered on Facebook is this job lot of official team helmets from the Milram, Rabobank and Belkin teams. Team kit like this hardly ever comes up for sale unless you are well in the know with team employees so…

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Is This The World’s Most Expensive Cycling Jersey?

It takes a lot to shock us here at Bikesy. We’ve seen a Bugatti Bicycle for £39,000 and we’ve seen a Trek Bikes painted by Damien Hirst sell for half a million dollars but here at Bikesy Towers where the ethos is helping people save money, we think this Rapha jersey takes the biscuit! “I designed this jersey for @Rapha nearly…

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The World’s Best Full Suspension MTB is Finally For Sale

(Pictures below) Sometimes you’ve got to look overseas to find real innovation in cycling. The days of Muddy Fox, Pace and Orange leading the way in MTB design have sadly passed us by, the real action is happening over in Europe. Serbia has not always been known as a leader in MTB design but you can rest assured, our cycling brothers…

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UK Police Giving Away Free Gold Standard Bike Locks to Encourage Cycling

There are many initiatives for getting more people cycling as an everyday transport. One we’ve just come across is from the British Transport Police which tackles the concern around bike theft that puts some people off of cycling to a station rather than driving, incase their bike gets stolen while they are away at work. Police officers are currently touring stations…

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When People Complain About Unused Cycle Lanes

You know all those Taxi drivers that complain about the London cycle superhighways not being full of cyclists at all times during the day? You know the types, they call in to radio shows like LBC because they want to be able to drive their cabs anywhere they like in London and the hosts always humour them (Little known fact…

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Barbed wire across a kent MTB trail

Barbed Wire Cyclist Trap Set In Kent

Imagine the scene. You’re riding along your favourite trail, safely away from the cars on the nearby road. You can hear birdsong from across the fields interspersed with the the gravel crunching underneath your wheels as you finally crest the top of the hill. You can that there are no walkers or horse riders further along the path so you…

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David Duffield Introduced Raleigh BMX

David Duffield Brought BMX To The UK – Early Video

Not a lot of people know but David Duffield was one of the pioneers of BMX in the UK. While working as the marketing manager at Halfords Head Office in Redditch, David played a big part in building the first BMX Track opposite Halfords HQ at Icknield Street Drive, Redditch. The first official BMX race in the UK took place…

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Dan Bilzerian Lance Armstrong message

Can Dan Bilzerian Ride 330 Miles From LA to Vegas in 48 Hours? Gets $600,000 If He Can

Love him or loathe him you’ve got to hand it to Dan Bilzerian, he certainly knows how to make a statement. Whether winning high stakes at the poker table, showing off his array of guns and girls or being the subject of questions around where his got the family wealth from there’s no denying 35 year old professional poker player/internet…

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