David Duffield Reader Submissions Part 9

We got so many emails about DD over the summer that this update is a 2page job. Or 3 pages if you count the amazing collection that Jim sent in

From: DJ

Subject: DDisms

Having watched a few of the stages of the TDF, and been amazed at some of the things this commentator has been saying, I thought I’d search for a pic of him on the net… and I found myself at this site… the relief ! i’m not alone !

my favourite so far : ” ..and all these people have come out to see these riders and in enjoy the sunshine, some of them havn’t got many clothes on, and here comes Christy (anderson) to join me, she hasn’t got many clothes on either, I can see her gorgeous body, thanx christy you,ve ruined my day, no you havent you’ve made my day, er…. whatever..er…whats happening”

Regards, Dom J, London.

The whole christie anderson thing must have been down to the extraordinary hot weather that was sweeping across Europe in Summer 2003. I was waiting for him to introduce her as Chesty Anderson. Maybe next year someone can call her that when chatting to him between stages and then it will be subconciously lodged in his brain and come out in the next day’s stage?

From: Feargal Mc
Subject: Duffield

http://filmtalk.guardian.co.uk/WebX?7@.@.4a915e80/ [expired link]


Glad to see there are other great places to talk about DD and spread the word!

From: Aaron C
Subject: David Duffield
I thought you might like to include this in the next update of your Duffield page.
As I write I’m listening to stage 16 of le TdF over the Eurosport website, which is great. I couldn’t think of any Duffieldisms you don’t have, but he just said something which I though was quite typical. Ludovic Turpin of Ag2R is trying to escape the peloton…
“Turpin looks to be bridging the gap to Hamilton. Not Dick Turpin. My horse, my horse, my kingdom for a horse. No, that’s not right. For once I’m not the only one that’s confused. He was a highwayman on the North Road, but no relation to this Turpin…….” Just crazy. And he’s constantly flirting with Christie Anderson.
More to the point, you wanted any pictures or autographs of the maestro for the page. Well I have both. I was lucky enough to bump into him at the Paris-Roubaix this year, while searching for riders’ autographs at the team presentation in Compiègne on the Saturday. The photo was taken while David was in full flow explaining to me the best route to take and the best places to stop to catch the race. He was happy to talk with me, and just seems to have a lot of time for people. It made my day.

The autograph is on the cover of the race brochure, with a load of riders’ autographs. His is the only near-legible one though.

Great site by the way, and maybe I could join you on one of your easy club rides in the near future.

Ludovic Turpin, jeez that’s asking for trouble really isn’t it having a name like that?! Sort of like when he uttered “Its carpets for Kurtens” earlier in the season. Glad to see you met him and got a great photo. Did anyone ever get back to you about coming on the rides I don’t think I’ve seen you out (ok we get over 70 out most Saturdays now so it isn’t always easy spotting people but I would always seek out another Duffield fan!

From: Rob C
Subject: From Rob

> I can’t be sure that these haven’t been mentioned before but here goes: > > In the 1997 tour the time trial was sponsored by Festina, as was one of the teams. A Festina rider (it may have been Virenque) was waiting for the off and had a large reflective visor on the front of his helmet which was reflecting the word Festina from the ramp in front of him. DD sees this and comments ‘Would you look at that Stephen, they’ve even managed to get their team name onto their visors’ > > From this year’s (2003) stage finishing at Luz Ardiden: > > Armstrong has fallen off once and pulled his foot out, there’s general moaning in the commentary box from both DD and Christy about the part that spectators might play in the outcome of the tour. The camera then pans to the fans at one the hairpins picking out a ‘ghoul’ dressed in a white shroud, a green painted face holding a green flare in either hand. The commentary goes quiet while the great man considers his reaction, and then in a quiet voice he says ‘ Oh lord, there’s one born every minute’. > > I fell off the couch laughing at that one. That’s why it’s worth listening to him for 7 hours, in all that time of rambling there’s bound to be the odd nugget. > > > > Rob C

Just the odd nugget?!?!?!

From: Steve
Subject: The Duffer

mentioned this very site today, though he seemed to mangle the URL (no surprise there)- Steve

Thats part of the fun for us now – all the variations of ww.adiscombecc.org under the sun!

From: Rik
Subject: Duff Section

Just been looking at your site after DD plugged it on air today – excellent stuff!
Don’t know if you’ve covered these, but with Christi Anderson on the tour this year DD’s thoughts seem to be headed in one direction – there were couple of corkers a few days back – talking about Lance Armstrong (?):

“He’s got really massive hung, er lungs”

…and of the Euskatel (?) team:

“They’ve got some of the breast climbers in the world”

Lots of mentions of “red ink” this year – what could that be?

Poor old Duff seems to be taking a real bashing this year on the Eurosport message board – but I think you’re right – people expect DD and Sean Kelly to be Liggett and Sherwen but forget that they (L&S) never talk for more than fifteen minutes and they are commentating on edited highlights put together after the stage.



I think the Red Ink means the red wine that is imbibed by the commentary team most nights! L&S have been good but if you want to experience the real drama of the race as well as getting a feel for what happens to the tour caravan between the stages as it winds its way around France then DD is definitely your man.

From: Ian G
Subject: Duffisms

Hello How about adding “too as well” to the list of duffisms and from today

“before you put your stilettos in the proverbial” – before you put your foot in it (Christie)

“and people say no David I think you’ve got it wrong again” – I got it right -for once

Keep up the good work

Ian G


From: Ian G
Subject: Duffisms


A couple more,

“you don’t touch a mans f***** hat” -2001 Giro I think

and another one from yesterday, (TDF 2003) “those of you who watch all day, off sick or unemployed”

Pure Class.

Long may he Reign

Ian G

The Giro one is a bit steep isnt it? And don’t forget those that are burying Granny whenever there is a major mountain stage on!

From: Charlie B
Subject: David Duffield


Just spent a glorious couple of hours reading through your site and particularly enjoyed the Duffield tribute. Spot on, all of it (apart from the guy who doesn’t like Duffield, but then there are people who don’t like Monty Python too… ;o) ). One Duffieldism seems to have been missed:

“Giants of the road.” As in “It’s fantastic to see all these people up on this hill to see these giants of the road, some of them probably got up before me and my fabulous local breakfast of corn-fed starling pie and a piece of Russell’s baguette” or something.

Anyway… Honours List. I was astonished to find that the man still hasn’t been honoured and thought that you guys would be in a better position to get a nomination form in (as I’m based in Cyprus for a while). So here’s what you need to do:


Listing his amazing personal achievements, the introduction of BMXing to the UK and his phenomenal services to sportscasting would present a great case for at least an MBE (OBE would be well deserved. Dammit, just knight him and be done!)

If you want some help compiling the case, just ask, I’m happy to pitch in. It’s a great idea.

Finally, I found your club site when looking for (and failing to find) a club in my own manor of Wimbledon, and am seriously considering the idea of forming a socially-minded club to cover our area. Have a home base in mind, just need some pointers to get going. Do you have a constitution or articles? And would you mind if I and possibly a couple of others tagged along over the winter to see how a clearly popular and enjoyable club runs itself?


Charlie B

Thats a great idea. We will definitely be in touch and if anyone else wants to get an honour moving then please do – the more people working on this the better. Please come out with us Charlie whenever you want – we have a weekly email rides list that lists everything going on in our Agreeable world which currently comes out every Thursday – get signed up for that and come along whenever you fancy.

From: David Mc
Subject: David Duffieldisms

How about this observation from the great man heard on describing a rider at the upper age level of the peloton:

‘Anno domino is catching up with him!’ Emphasis on the incorrect latin declension of the noun dominus and turning ‘after the lord’ into a game often played in pubs!



I too have noticed that he speaks Latin like a native!

From: Tony C
Subject: Hello

where is a picture of christy anderson

A quick press of the old buttons on the ww gogle site throws up the following http://www.prikandribs.com.au/  and here you can see how DD can get distracted so easily!

More here on Phil Anderson’s site [page expired – divorce may have something to do with that?!]

From: Bob A
Subject: David Duffield!!

Thought you might be interested in the article and piccy of David I have done in www.colin-lewis.co.uk newsletter this week. After I had finished I found your website!! Bob Aske

Brits Abroad!!

“David Duffield
The man behind the Eurosport Voice of Cycling at the Nat Champs.
Ever been stuck in a hot box and had to talk for sometimes up to 6 hours about cycling??
David Duffield is a confessed “Rabbit On Man” and of course is a “Brit Abroad” doing more than his bit for British Cycling and certainly qualifies for a mention in this column.
I met David at the National Championships in Wales recently (hence the piccy) and spent a pleasant 5 minutes chatting.
I had on my Colin Lewis Cycles shirt and he new all the ins and outs of our shop at Paignton.
David is just 72 years young and in his heyday was well known for breaking many British Distance records, as well as working for Moulton and Raleigh.
I have cousin who is a non cyclists who watches the cycling just to listen to David!!
So we have heard the voice but never see the person, so above might be your first view of him!!
If you want to know more this Cycling Club have some pages dedicated to him with piccies of him on his trike!!”

Thanks for spreading the word Bob!

From: Pail S
Subject: Duffield is God

Quite simply the most endearing and entertaining man ever to be let loose on the airwaves. I think it says something for the genuis of the man that my girlfriend, who has no interest in cycling whatsoever, sits through hours and hours of the T d F every year just to listen to the arcane old buffoon whittering on.

Viva le Duffield!

Paul, Reading

Its gonna be a sad day when DD hangs up his Yellow Microphone…

Alternatively, Check out the whole collection of Duffield pages here and enjoy one of the all time great commentators.

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