David Duffield Reader Submissions Part 6

The emails have been coming thick and fast and as usual I haven’t had a chance to update this part of the site quick enough. Dave keeps giving us a mention on air and when I told him how many people write in to sing his praises he was really pleased and surprised! Keep ’em coming. I’ve got some audio clips of him as well as various pictures and cuttings from newspapers which I’ll put up on the next update by which time we should have some extra storage space on the server!

From: Anon
Subject: duffield

first job advertising agency 15 shillings a week as an artist (“didnt have long hair and sandals though”)

Thanks. The more I find out the more I realise he has had a real rich and varied life.

From: Shlomi
Subject: the greatest .

david duffiled keep up with the good work for 50 more years
send by shlomi from israel
former israely cycling team.

It doesn’t matter where you are does it, Dave greatness spreads over continents!

From: Julie
Subject: David Duffield


May I say “Thanks” for your web site! Your site on “all things David D” had me chuckling fro ages, it really is funny. So thanks you have made my day. Who ever wrote it obviously has the same humour as me. One question..”Is David D REALLY 72??yrs old???? “



Yes Dave really is in his 70s. You’d never guess it though, especially when you see him in real life.

From: Bjorn
Subject: One more Duffy term

“Riding himself into oblivion.”



From: Bjorn
Subject: One more Duffy term

Housewives on TdF:

“He’s got nice legs. Hope he wins.”


Would this be Virenque or Botero!?

From: Howard
Subject: New appreciator of DD

Dear Friend

I’ve only recently acquired a dish and I must say it’s worth it just for DD’s commentary on the cycling.

Today, when the stage finished at the summit of Mt Ventoux, his tribute to Tom Simpson was quite moving and restored my faith in human nature.

If possible please pass on my regards.

Tell him he has another fan in the North West and keep up the good work.



Unfortunately I’m not in contact with him but I think the people in the Eurosport offices print these pages out for him so he will personally see your appreciation. His recital of Psalm 21 was quite remarkable as the Tour passed the site of Simpsons death and it made me realise just how touched by Simpson’s passing Dave must have been.

From: Dave
Subject: Duffieldisms .

Ref:- some bald-headed gent – he combs his hair with a shammy leather.

We luv David- and miss his patter now that Eurosport do the commentary in Greek for the Greeks, which is poor by comparison,
BR Dave G Rafina/Greece.

Thanks Dave, maybe you can listen on www.eurosport.co.uk for his commentary while the race is on greek Satellite?

From: Zoran K
Subject: Our favourite commentator(s) .

First of all, you’ve got a great webpage. David Duffield is really fantastic! I especially like his commentary of a sprint, when he suddenly raises his voice and shouts the names of the riders contesting it. Another funny thing about him is the way he pronounces riders’ names. And if they come from Eastern Europe… mercy! However, David is extremely competent, he always explains all the tactics going on in the race (although he would never interrupt his stream of thoughts about the dinner he had the previous evening or anything else he’s talking about, regardless of what’s happening on the road), but most importantly, he brings his soul and love for cycling into the commentary. AND THAT’S WHAT CYCLING IS ALL ABOUT! And what about Sean Kelly?! First of all, he always begins with “Er, yes.”. He puts the phrase “…you know, …” at least twice in every sentence. For example: David: “Do you think this group of riders can stay away, Sean?” Sean: “Er, yes. Well, there are some good riders, you know, in this group and I think they can, you know, stay away if they keep, you know, this pace.” Also, if you don’t increase the volume on your TV really high, there’s every chance that you won’t understand what Sean is saying. I sincerely hope that Eurosport will never have Croatian commentary so I can listen to David and Sean whenever cycling is on.
Best wishes, Zoran (Croatia)

Its great to hear the DD has fans in Croatia as well! Do all Croatians listen in English? Some of his sayings must take some real working for them! Thanks for writing in.

From: Dominic
Subject: Duffieldisms.

After another summer of Duffield insanity, I’ve just found your site championing our anti-hero. It’s so cheered me up I almost like the man now. Here’s looking forward to him falling off his chair again this year eh?
Dominic Ci (a very very slow 31-year-old rider)

Haha you are like I was about 12 years ago! Its a bit like strong cheese isnt it? You’re not too sure to start with but when you get used to it you can’t go without and ordinary cheese is just too bland!

From: Shaun Wallace
Subject: duffieldisms.

So, we’re still waiting eagerly for the page full of Duffieldisms 🙂
coming soon I hope?
Shaun Wallace San Diego

This one needed a personal reply to check up on a hunch!

From: Marco

To: Shaun Wallace
Subject: .RE: duffieldisms

hello shaun
yes they will be coming soon when I get my arse into gear! btw you aint the same shaun wallace that has ‘done a bit on the track’ are you? (The name rings a bell)

Weve got a good update of duffield stuff to come – people have been sending in mp3s of his excited commentaries and we are trying to rip some articles from the national newspapers in praise of Duffield.

It will be done soon (honest!)

Oh yeah and Russell Williams has also agreed to tell us some anecdotes about his time with DD as soon as we find a tape recorder to get all his tales of dangerous driving, mussells and fine wine down.


And straight back came this:

From: Shaun Wallace
Subject: duffieldisms .

Yup, the same SW…. guess I’m busted 🙂

Hey, thanks for the response. I was just going through my Bookmarks, seeing which ones I could drop, but I’ll go ahead and keep it saved. I look forward to them…why should Ligget get all the glory when David can come up with some equally classic pearls!

Russell and I rode 6’s together, I know him well, and I’m sure he has some great material to add. I’ve been watching the Open-des-Nations when I turbo-train lately, so hearing Russell, but it wasn’t David with him. I don’t know who the other voice is, I don’t think it was McCrossen (who did a good job at Herne Hill at Easter)

I don’t have any Duffield stories, but I have some classics about Eddy Soens and Harry Walker. Maybe they need tribute pages!

Anyhow, keep up the fine work, hope the summer’s going well.
Cheers Shaun

When I mentioned to David that Shaun had written in Dave spoke *very* highly of Shaun and seemed very pleased he had been in touch.

From: Ian J
Subject: Duffieldisms .

You have forgotten ” a burst on his banjo” – showing briefly at the front of the peloton
Hope this suggestion is useful.
Ian J

Thanks Ian its all useful!

From: Brian H
Subject: Duffers speak .

Nice to see the Duffield page is alive and well
Here’s a new quote which I just HAD to send. It’s from Stage 8 of the 2002 Vuelta where plucky Luis Perez was caught within metres of the line by Aitor Gonzalez.
“Who would have thought a finish like that would mean we’ve got a finish like this!”
Immediately followed by…
“And surely that must be one of the most audacious moves that didn’t come off!”

This makes me realise that I’ve been watching Eurosport for so long that this quote sort of makes sense to me!

From: David W
Subject: Duffieldisms

The latest from the Vuelta….
“Russian riders migrate because of their manky weather” – exposing the reason for Russian/Eastern European riders in the peloton.

On the occasion of viewing a riders’ grazes following a crash – “Is there a doctor in the house?…..ahhhh…..nurses!!”

Describing riders going out the back of the bunch – “drifting off the front of the group”.

Described by an official standing close-by when the man himself was about to start one of his lengthy record attempts, when he was pouring rice pudding into his bottle for en route sustenance…….”ahh, dog vomit!”

‘say no more!!…….
with greetings, David W

Excellent, thanks for sharing!

From: Rhys W
Subject: Lord David of Duffield

I’m half way through your many excellent pages dedicated to the great Duffers – they will keep me amused for many a dull lunchtime for a while yet. Funny how I couldn’t stand him at first (used to only seeing Phil & Paul on C4) but he’s definitely the best! And I’ve seen his stand-up show (at a Welsh CA dinner)… Let’s just say we needed lights on the ride home (from a 12:00 pm dinner).

Anyway, on to my favourite-ever Duffieldism. Sometime in the mid-nineties we were watching a tape of one of one of the Spring Classics at a club night (probably Paris-Roubaix), and several small groups of riders were trying to get away, only to be quickly “snaffled up” by the peloton. David described this as “splitting, and rejoining… like an amoeba…” Students of elementary biology may recall that although an amoeba may divide in two in order to reproduce, re-joining is definitely not an option!

Rhys, Cardiff

Do they? Are you sure?! If an amoeba rode a tricycle or ate strong cheese maybe it would rejoin again?!! Thanks for sharing and I am very envious that you heard him speak at a Dinner I bet he did a real good turn. Unfortunately he is never around when we have our dinner as I think he would be the best speaker ever.

From: Theoverallman
Subject: Duffieldism .

heard today during Worlds on Eurosport, “The wind is blowing from Russells inside”

Had he been eating the prunes again?

From: Hogarth
Subject: Duffield speak.

‘time for a drop of the dark stuff’

translation: the tour will be going through sean kelly square in 1998, so everybody will be celebrating.

Thanks for that. Do you reckon Sean Kelly Sqaure is in the ‘old town’ !?

Check out the whole collection of Duffield pages here and enjoy one of the all time great commentators.

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