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There are still a lot of people who for whatever reason haven’t had the pleasure of listening to David. With that in mind we want to collect some of his more famous sayings together on this website. To help us achieve this all you have to do is send up some mp3 sound files of DD in full flight.

Topics we are particularly keen to get hold of include:

Little diddy men
Rabbits called sixpence

and others…

To do it you could either hook up your video player to your computer via a special scart lead or via a microphone next to the TV speaker.

Alternatively you could record all future webcommentary at either to a tape recorder or if you are very technically minded you might explore how to use a bit of software like to do it for you.

Remember if you’ve never heard DD yet then the best way to get cycling in the UK and Europe is to get either on Analogue satellite (my favourite because they show the most cycling and its all free) or via cable or a sky digital package.

Whatever you manage to get send it through and we will see what we can do!

Alternatively, Check out the whole collection of Duffield pages here and enjoy one of the all time great commentators.

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