AVIVA Women’s Tour Stage 1

2015 Women's Tour - winners' celebrations

The AVIVA Women’s Tour was clearly the highlight for the 2015 season, especially for a British team like Matrix Pro Fitness. The mix of pride and excitement the team felt the year before and this year is no different. Starting at last years finish town, the team couldn’t wait to get started with a clear goal to be a part of the day’s key action.

Elinor Barker jumped into the feature break of the day, and it quickly grew from 4 to 6 riders. With a little help from a friendly level crossing the break grew to nearly 3 minutes and at one point it looked like it might survive to the finish. Sadly for the team it wasn’t meant to be and they were caught with 400 metres to go.

Elinor finished 31st, behind stage winner Lizzie Armitstead. The leading team rider in the finish was Laura Trott who took 18th place. All other riders finished safely having done their job for the day and will look to other stages for the opportunity to shine.

“It was a great team effort today, and everyone should be very proud of themselves. It’s amazing to think of the progress the team has made in the last 12 months, and we’re all exciting at the coming stages.”

“Elinor rode a very strong race, but it’s hard to really celebrate a big ride after the crash at the finish. Everyone is a very relieved to hear the news that Lizzie is ok after her crash and we’re really keep to try to build of the start we’ve made today.”

“Tomorrow is a long day, so is Friday. We’ll take things day by day and we’ll try to remain one of the animators of this race.”


1 – Elizabeth Armistead

2 – Lisa Brennauer

3 – Emma Johansson

4 – Simona Frapporti

5 – Jolien D’Hoore

6 – Roxane Knetemann

7 – Pascale Jeuland

8 – Alexis Ryan

9 – Lotta Lepisto

10 – Aude Biannic

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