Sara Olsson and her day with Cyclefit

Our duo recently took a trip to London in December to collect a new Trek Emonda training bike and undergo a professional bike fitting at the renowned Cyclefit studio. Accompanied by Christina and Penny, they navigated the London Underground to reach the studio.

During the fitting, the Cyclefit team, led by Jimmy, identified a significant issue with Sara’s right foot, which was collapsing under pressure and causing various problems throughout their body. Despite these biomechanical challenges, Sara had been riding at a high level, a testament to their resilience and determination.

The Cyclefit team, who also work with the Trek Factory Racing team and cyclist Fabian Cancellara, created custom insoles and adjusted the bike fit to help alleviate these issues. Christina and Sara were impressed by the expertise and professionalism of the studio.

In addition to the bike fitting, the couple enjoyed a lunch with a Trek representative, participated in a photo shoot for a magazine and the team, and managed to fit in some shopping and sightseeing in central London. It was a busy but fulfilling day for both of them.

Since the fitting, Sara has been adapting to the new position and is already noticing improvements in foot comfort and muscle recruitment. They are hopeful that these changes will lead to increased strength and performance in the upcoming 2015 season, potentially even enhancing their ability to ride on challenging surfaces like cobblestones without losing power.

The experience highlights the importance of professional bike fitting for cyclists, especially those facing pain, discomfort, or performance limitations. By addressing biomechanical issues and optimizing bike fit, athletes can improve their comfort, efficiency, and power output, ultimately enhancing their overall performance and enjoyment of the sport.

As they look ahead to the 2015 season, fans of the Matrix Pro Cycling team are eager to see how these improvements will translate to their performance on the road. With the support of expert teams like Cyclefit and the dedication of the athletes themselves, the future looks bright for this dynamic cycling duo.

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