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Carrera Mountainbikes are mainstays of cycling in the UK. With their rugged builds and value for money performance they are very popular with young and old riders alike. We believe that the disc brake equipped Vengeance is probably the best selling bike in the UK at the moment, with the Hellcat and Valour models close behind.

If the price ranges of the Carrera bikes are a bit over budget for you then you may want to check out the range of Apollo mountain bikes.

If you are looking to get into hardcore off road riding, or mountain bike racing, and can stretch to a slightly larger budget you may also want to check out the hydraulic brake equipped Fury and full suspension Titan, or take a look at the Voodoo or Boardman range of mountain bikes, or if you'd fancy a bit of assistance while you are pedaling, take a look at the impressive Carrera E-Bikes.

Covid19 Update: Carrera are great bikes for new commuters, but are currently seeing many models now sold out until new deliveries arrive. If your area has no stock, consider an Apollo or Boardman, depending on budget. Or take a look at the exceedingly good range of Carrera hybrid bikes as they are very suitable for road and trail use.

Compare Carrera Hellcat Mountain Bikes

Compare the UK's bike shops for the best deals on Hellcat Mountain Bikes from Carrera

Carrera Hellcat MTB

The Carrera Hellcat is a staple of the UK MTB scene. Originally introduced back in 1999, it has gone through subtle improvements and upgrades with each year that passes. This year the Hellcat is Carrera's 29" wheel offering - '29ers' in common parlance, and is at the perfect price point to introduce riders of all ages to urban and off road mountain biking.

Specs at a glance

  • Frameset: Alloy. Lifetime Warranty (subject to T&Cs)
  • Gearing: 24speed - 3x8 Sram system
  • Braking System: Disc Brakes - Mechanical
  • Suspension: Yes - Front only, 100mm Suntour forks
  • Wheels: 29inch wheels with multi-use Kenda tyres
  • Quick Release Supplied: Yes, front and rear wheels
  • Bike Weight: Approx 15kg
  • Order Online: Yes. Free delivery or collect in-store
Size Guide

  1. Rider Height Frame Size
  2. 5'5" - 5'10" Men's 16"
  3. 5'8" - 6'1" Men's 18"
  4. 5'11" - 6'3" Men's 20"
  5. 5'5" - 5'10" Women's 16"
  6. 5'8" - 6'1" Women's 18"
  7. Our Advice: If you're shorter than 5'5" then look at a Carrera bike with 27.5" wheels
Current Deals

Carrera Hellcat Mens Mountain Bike 2020 - Black - S, M, L, XL Frames

Carrera Hellcat Mens Mountain Bike 2020 - Black - S, M, L, XL Frames

Sizes Available: Size: Small S Size: Medium M Size: Large L Size: Extra Large XL
Carrera Hellcat Womens Mountain Bike 2020 - Purple - S, M, L Frames

Carrera Hellcat Womens Mountain Bike 2020 - Purple - S, M, L Frames

Sizes Available: Size: Small S Size: Medium M Size: Large L
Carrera Hellcat Reviews

Across the web reviews of the Hellcat are positive. As is often the case with entry level mountain bikes, a lot of people are buying a quality mtb for the first time so aren't always best placed to give informed feedback. If you read enthusiasts cycling forums you'll have seen plenty of comments like these recently...

Nothing wrong with Carrera bikes, hard to beat for the money.

nickswolves - Singletrackworld Forum

I have a few Carrera Hellcats (by Merida) built in different flavours and love them.

PaulD - Singletrackworld Forum

Couple of friends have them for commuting, for the money they are pretty damn good.

Taff - Singletrackworld Forum

Nowt wrong with Carreras- my On One, my Cotic and my Last are tucked up in the garage along with 2 Carreras. Stunning value, good honest bikes.

Northwind - Singletrackworld Forum

While many Carrera Hellcat mountain bikes probably won't see much off road action, that doesn't mean they can't handle it. Up and down the country there are riders shredding their local trails on Hellcats.

One upgrade we would recommend though is to the tyres. The tyres that come with the bike as standard are okay, but as they naturally wear out over time, you'll probably have developed an idea for the sort of terrain you want to ride more of, and will fit tyres that match that, rather than the general multi-purpose Kendas that come installed

Check out the video below and you'll get an idea of the sort of terrain a Hellcat handles with ease.

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