Every Day Cycling

Bank Junction closed to motor traffic

London’s Bank Junction closed to cars and open to people

Today saw a major transport shift in the City of London as Bank Junction was finally closed to motorised traffic. Bought in by the City of London Corporation the ban, between 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday, only cyclists and buses will be allowed into the junction for a trial period which will last 18 months. Authorities brought in the…

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Cycling Presentation by London Deputy Mayor For Transport Val Shawcross

On the 3rd August 2016 at the NLA CycleSummit Deputy Mayor for Transport, Val Shawcross set out the direction that Mayor Sadiq Khan’s cycling strategy will take London. Detailed strategy will be published in November 2016. (See below for Val Shawcross Slidedeck) Highlights from the talk included TfL’s Nigel Hardy confirming that progress is being made on planning more Cycle…

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UK Police Giving Away Free Gold Standard Bike Locks to Encourage Cycling

There are many initiatives¬†for getting more people cycling as an everyday transport. One we’ve just come across is from the British Transport Police which tackles the concern around bike theft that puts some people off of cycling to a station rather than driving, incase their bike gets stolen while they are away at work. Police officers are currently touring stations…

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The Council Giveth and the Council Taketh Away

Some local authority officers are really keen to promote cycling, they’ll push through everything they can to bring a big cycle event to town to put cycling on the local agenda. They’ll get Bradley Wiggins’ team along with a whole host of other top UK teams to contest a bike race on the best streets there town has got, all…

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Road Safety – Is Twenty Really Plenty?

There’s been a lot of debate lately about road planning, especially in London where there is a push to get cycle super highways in place and ‘mini-holland’ schemes implemented in town centres. The London Transport Drivers Association, normally a pretty sound bunch, tried to get a court injunction to rule the cycle super highways illegal. Setting aside the pollution problem…

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