Cannondale Topstone LAB71 Frameset

Cannondale Topstone LAB71 Frameset

  • Gravel Bike: Designed for maneuverability on gravel surfaces.
  • Frame Material: Super light Series 0 Carbon construction.
  • Suspension: Kingpin integrated rear suspension for a smooth ride and unmatched traction.
  • Brake Type: Flat mount disc brakes for controlled stopping.
  • Gear Range: Multiple gear mounts for versatile configuration.

Our Verdict: The Cannondale Topstone LAB71 Frameset elevates gravel bike design with its lightweight carbon frame and unique Kingpin rear suspension. Whether you're a seasoned rider or beginner, this bike provides versatility and control for an superior off-road experience.

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The gravel biking scene is getting more competitive by the day, and finding a bike that can deliver top-notch performance without compromising on comfort can be a bit of a challenge. Enter the Cannondale Topstone LAB71 Frameset. This gravel bike frameset has been meticulously designed for the cycling enthusiast who settles for nothing less than the best. With its advanced carbon construction, integrated Kingpin rear suspension, and multiple gear mounts, it's poised to elevate your off-road adventures to new heights. Whether you're a seasoned pro planning an epic adventure, or a weekend warrior aiming to take your rides to the next level, prepare to get your expectations surpassed.

A Closer Look at the Topstone LAB71 Frameset

The heart and soul of any bike is its frame, and the LAB71 Topstone Frameset truly shines in this area. Building on the solid foundation of Cannondale's Topstone Carbon platform, the LAB71 Frameset takes it a notch higher, employing a special carbon lay-up. This brings about a significant weight reduction - over 160g lighter - while fortifying its strength, resilience, and performance on the trail. This weight saving, in conjunction with the LE Series 0 Carbon construction of the frame and fork, results in the lightest Topstone ever produced.

Supporting the lightweight frame is the Kingpin integrated rear suspension system. This unique suspension system affords the rider up to 30mm of rear-wheel travel. What this means in real-world riding is greater comfort, improved control, and enhanced traction, especially when the trails start to get gnarly. With the Kingpin suspension, prepare to ride harder and faster without worrying about bumps or rough terrain taking their toll on your body.

The Topstone doesn't simply stop at delivering superior performance. The LAB71 Frameset has been crafted with meticulous attention to aesthetic details. Its stunning finishes and precise accents make it a sight to behold, guaranteeing to turn heads wherever you go. The only thing that could possibly enhance its look would be a bit of dirt from your adventure trail.

On the Trail with the Cannondale Topstone LAB71

Getting down to how it handles, the Topstone LAB71 truly is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Its light construction allows for effortless climbing on steep inclines, and the Kingpin suspension system helps the bike maintain excellent contact with the trail surface, resulting in enhanced traction when hammering it out on gnarly off-road conditions. The best part is, despite its hardcore functionality, it retains a level of comfort that keeps you craving longer rides. This seamless blend of comfort and performance is what makes the Topstone LAB71 standout in the sea of competition.

Moreover, the Topstone LAB71 is flexible enough to accommodate a broad range of storage options thanks to the multiple gear mounts located throughout the frame. This makes it ideal for those planning a long-haul trip, offering sufficient space for all your essential gear. Whether you're planning a multi-day adventure or an intense singletrack shredding session, the Topstone LAB71 is ready when you are.

The Nitty-Gritty: Cannondale Topstone LAB71 Technical Specifications

Drilling down into the specifics, the Topstone LAB71 Frameset features a Proportional Response construction which caters to a variety of heights, offering an optimised suspension setup regardless of your size. It's also equipped with a directLine internal cable routing system and is SmartSense compatible. The 27.2 dropper post is incorporated into the design, as well as multiple gear and bottle mounts for your adventuring needs. The frameset accommodates a 12x142mm rear thru-axle and a 12x100 front thru-axle, ensuring robustness and ultimate power transfer.

As for the fork, the LAB71 Topstone comes with a Superlight Series 0 Carbon Construction offering a 1-1/8" to 1.5" steerer, 55mm OutFront offset, and a flat mount disc brake system. Alongside this, the fork also comes with internal routing and multiple options for gear and bottle mounts, enhancing the bike's all-around versatility.

Serving the ride comfort is the SAVE Carbon SmartSense seatpost, available in 27.2, 350mm (XS-L), 400mm (XL). Together with the integrated Kingpin suspension, the Topstone LAB71 guarantees a silky smooth ride, waving goodbye to discomfort.


In the world of gravel biking, the Topstone LAB71 Frameset stands as a beacon of ingenuity and technical prowess. Riders worldwide laud it for its fantastic combination of lightweight construction, seamless suspension, and flexibility. A common theme in testimonials is the bike's ability to inspire confidence in riders, allowing you to challenge yourself on hard-core trails and singletracks. While some bikes seeking to tick all boxes may ignore the detail, the Topstone LAB71 remains loyal to both performance and aesthetics. For the experienced cyclist eyeing the ultimate gravel biking experience, the Cannondale Topstone LAB71 Frameset comes highly recommended.