Cannondale Quick 3

Cannondale Quick 3

At a Glance - Cannondale Quick 3:

  • Lightweight: Made from aluminium frame and carbon fiber fork
  • Safety: 360° reflective accents for visibility in low light
  • Speed: 18-speed Shimano Altus/Acera drivetrain
  • Connectivity: Integrated with Cannondale App for tracking activity
  • Versatile: Designed for agility, visibility and comfort

Our Verdict: Cannondale Quick 3 is the perfect blend of agility, visibility, and comfort; designed to handle anything from leisurely city rides to harder, fitness-focused cycling. Its connectivity to the Cannondale App puts your riding stats right at your fingertips.

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Achieving superior speed and agility while ensuring a comfortable ride has long been a silver bullet in the cycling industry. The Cannondale Quick 3, part of the illustrious Quick Fitness series, is a commendable attempt in that direction. This sporty hybrid bike, crafted for fitness enthusiasts and urban riders, deftly straddles the worlds of leisurely city cruises and intensive workouts. With its composition of contemporary technology and well-thought design, it’s staking a serious claim in the crowded market of fitness bikes.

Design and Features of The Cannondale Quick 3

The Quick 3 boasts a lightweight SmartForm C3 aluminium alloy frame, recognizable by its solid, streamlined design and 360° reflectivity for increased visibility and safety. The design utilizes Cannondale's SAVE technology which aims to deliver a smoother and more comfortable ride. The frame is congenial to both flat mount discs and incorporates mounts for racks and fenders, thereby increasing its versatility for urban commuting or leisurely rides. Top this off with tapered head tubes and Straightshot hidden cable routing, and it’s clear that this bike is built for agility and speed.

Complementing the frame is a full carbon fork that introduces a through-axle for greater steering precision, a critical aspect for urban navigation or tackling crowded streets. The fork also includes fender mounts and retains the 360° reflectivity of the frame, heightening visibility during low light conditions.

The Cannondale Quick 3 Ride Experience

The ride experience on the Quick 3 is a blend of control, speed, and comfort. The OutFront steering geometry is laudable for creating a balance between responsive handling and comfortable, upright riding position, thereby making it suitable for long-distance commuting, fitness rides, or leisurely weekend spins.

Road bike-like speed has been achieved by employing road-bike-style wheels. Larger volume tyres not only provide superior bump absorption and durability but also assure better grip, making your rides safe yet exhilarating. The effective gear system comprising of Shimano Altus/Acera 18-speed drivetrain ensures the bike pedals efficiently, whether you are darting up a local trail or cruising around tight city corners.

Technical Specifications of The Quick 3

The reliable Shimano Altus/Acera gearing, offering 18 speeds, ensures that you have a wide, versatile gear range to hold your own on different terrains and slopes. The KMC Z9 chain and Prowheel 48/32 cranks, along with Sunrace 11-34 rear cogs, combine to provide smooth gear shifting, thereby contributing to the overall riding experience.

The Tektro hydraulic disc brakes assure a robust stopping power, ensuring that you are in control irrespective of weather conditions or riding speeds. Moreover, the braking efficiency is only enhanced by the 160/140mm rotors. The Cannondale Fitness Ergo Double Density saddle, 6061 alloy handlebars, and the Cannondale Ergo Fitness Dual Density grips contribute to the comfortable riding position.


In summary, the Cannondale Quick 3 is an exceptional bike for fitness enthusiasts and urban riders alike who value comfort and speed. Based on testimonials from riders, this hybrid stands out for its versatile performance across different riding conditions. The lightweight alloy frame and full carbon fork, combined with a great gear range, hydraulic disc brakes, and road-bike-like wheels, deliver a riding experience that blends agility, control, and ease of riding. It is, therefore, highly recommended to anyone looking for a refined riding experience that dexterously combines fitness, commuting, and leisurely rides.