Cannondale Quick 2

Cannondale Quick 2

  • Type: Hybrid Bike
  • Frame Material: Lightweight Aluminum and Carbon fiber fork
  • Gears: 18-speed Shimano Sora Drivetrain
  • Tire Type: Road-bike style fitted with larger volume tires
  • Add-ons: Integrated with Cannondale App for tracking activity and maintenance reminders

Our Verdict: The Cannondale Quick 2 combines speed with comfort, making it an ideal choice for city cruising, leisurely rides and intense workouts alike.

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Regarded as a definable leader among fitness bikes, the Cannondale Quick 2 offers a fast, efficient, and thrilling ride for a diverse audience of cyclists. Whether you are an urban dweller manoeuvring through the hustle and bustle of city life, a fitness enthusiast seeking to increase your cardiovascular output, or a leisure rider desiring a relaxed journey, the Quick 2 presents a versatile wardrobe of performance characteristics tailored to your preference. Agile, visible, and comfortable, it is a bike built for adaptability, made possible by its state-of-the-art technology and the thoughtful design behind each gear shift.

Introducing the Cannondale Quick 2

The Cannondale Quick 2 stands out as a bike for all seasons and reasons. It is layered with reflective accents for increased visibility and mounts are provided for racks and fenders, making it adaptable for various environments. The design draws from its frameset made from the lightweight and sturdy SmartForm C3 alloy. An intelligent blend of lightweight agility and resilience, this frame includes features such as SAVE micro-suspension to absorb bumps, a Straightshot hidden cable routing system for smooth performance, a 360-degree reflectivity for safety, and other elements that efficiently combine performance with comfort.

The carbon fiber fork, with its 12x100mm thru-axle, complements the aluminium frame perfectly, helping to maintain stability and control, even in densely populated areas. The fork also incorporates 360-degree reflectivity and features flat mount disc compatibility and fender mounts, enhancing the bike's versatility and convenience for the rider.

Pioneering Performance with the Cannondale Quick 2

The performance of the Quick 2 is characterised by its quintessential agility and speed. It is armed with the Shimano Sora 18-speed drivetrain, renown for its consistently reliable shifting. It also boasts of a 1-1/4" to 1-1/8" tapered steerer that optimises stability at higher speeds and during abrupt cornering. Riders can quickly adapt to different scenarios and rapidly shifting urban landscapes with this bicycle.

Breathing life into its fast and efficient stature is the Cannondale App's integrated connectivity. This feature tracks your activity, including speed, distance and calories burned, and helps maintain the bike by sending service reminders. A convenient Intellimount Stem holds any SP-Connect compatible smartphone case, setting up a dashboard display for speed, mileage, and more on the Cannondale App. Riders can experience a technologically-advanced and seamless cycling experience with the Quick 2. The brakes, in particular, add to the ergonomic design promoting greater control and handling with Tektro HD-R280 hydraulic disc pairs and brake levers specifically purposed for quick, responsive stopping.

Unpacking the Technical Specialities of the Cannondale Quick 2

Understanding the Quick 2 can be perceived through its fine-tuned technical specifications. The bike uses a front derailleur of Shimano Sora, with a 31.8 clamp and a rear derailleur of Shimano Sora GS. The shifters belonging to the Shimano Sora series provide a 9-speed shifting capability, and the crank is an FSA Tempo, using 50/34 chainrings for a wide range of gear choices. The bottom bracket is a cartridge, square taper model, ensuring durability and trouble-free maintenance.

The braking system includes Tektro HD-R280 hydraulic disc brakes with 160mm front and 140mm rear rotors. This system offers consistent, modulated stopping power in different weather conditions. A sporty and trendy ride is also ensured through road-bike style wheels fitted with larger volume Schwalbe Lugano tires of 700x32c size for superior grip, durability and bump absorption. Other key components for the Cannondale Quick 2 include a Cannondale 3 handlebar with 18mm rise; Cannondale Ergo Fitness Dual Density, Lock-on grips; Cannondale 3, 6061 Alloy, 27.2x350mm seatpost and a Cannondale Fitness Ergo Double Density saddle, together offering an ergonomic and comfortable ride to the cyclist.


The Cannondale Quick 2 is the ultimate hybrid for the modern, lifestyle cyclist seeking a swift, sporty bike that is perfect for city cruising. It boasts a mix of amazing technology features along with strong, durable, lightweight components designed to provide seamless performance for every type of rider. It offers an experience that is rewarding, regardless of the journey you take - be it a daily commute, a fitness regime or a leisurely ride through the local bike paths.

Customer reviews highlight the bike's swift performance, robust build and practicality, suggesting it to be an ideal companion for energetic, adventurous riders. Whether it's tackling crowded city streets or leisurely rides through the park, Quick 2 riders found their experience to be enhanced by the bike's flexible features, efficient speed, and extreme comfort.

Ultimately, if you're in search of a lightweight, versatile, and agile bike offering a connected, comfortable riding experience coupled with superior technical expertise, the Cannondale Quick 2 is a recommendation that would be amiss to overlook.