Cannondale Treadwell 3 Remixte

Cannondale Treadwell 3 Remixte

At a Glance: Cannondale Treadwell 3 Remixte Highlights

  • Versatile and Agile: Perfect for leisure rides, city commuting, and off-road cycling.
  • Durable Frame: Lightweight, sturdy aluminum construction with integrated Cannondale App connectivity.
  • Tough Tires: Maxxis DTR-1, 650bx47c tires ensure a comfortable ride on both roads and trails.
  • Excellent Comfort: Features a quilted saddle, ribbed grips, and a convenient stem mount for SP-Connect compatible smartphone cases.
  • Superior Gear System: Equipped with 7-speed microSHIFT gearing system and disc brakes for superior control.

Our Verdict: With its smart design and high-performing features, the Cannondale Treadwell 3 Remixte stands out as an exceptional choice for riders looking for a fun, reliable, and feature-packed hybrid bike.

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The Cannondale Treadwell 3 Remixte is the quintessential fusion of agility, comfort, and durability. Engineered for riders seeking a versatile fitness bike with a modern twist, the Treadwell 3 Remixte carves out its own niche in the bustling hybrid bike market. Its unique blend of lightweight design, integrated technology, and rugged durability propels it a step above. Designed for the in-town commuters, leisure riders, and those who enjoy cruising the crowded streets, this bike is sure to make each ride a thrilling experience.

Spotlight on the Cannondale Treadwell 3 Remixte Features

With the Cannondale Treadwell 3 Remixte, every ride becomes a delightful experience. Mix the comfort of light, durable aluminum frame with 7-speed microSHIFT gearing and disc brakes that ensure smooth, responsive transitions and braking, you've got a bike that's perfect for all-around commuters and fitness enthusiasts alike.

But that's not all. It's the extra touches that make this bike truly stand out. Using the complimentary Cannondale App, an integrated wheel sensor helps track your activity, from logging your speed and distance to counting the calories burned. It even serves as a handy reminder for necessary services!

This model preserves key elements of tradition while incorporating technological advancements for a modern mix. Handlebars and tires inspired by classic dirt-track racers and an embedded wheel sensor to track your activity demonstrate this beautiful balance of the old and the new.

No matter the weather or the terrain, the Treadwell 3 Remixte is ready for action. Designed for agility, it bounds through city streets and blasts through boroughs with style. Never has practical seemed so exciting!

Experience the Ride with Cannondale Treadwell 3 Remixte

Whether you're meeting up with pals, running errands, or just out on a Sunday fun day, the Treadwell 3 Remixte ensures a seamless ride. Tailored for different terrains and weather conditions, its performance exemplifies versatility. On busy streets, the robust disc brakes allow for quick stops, while the lightweight frame and responsive gearing make riding uphill a breeze. Combining these cutting-edge features, riders are sure to experience the joy of cycling in its purest form.

Technical Specifications of the Cannondale Treadwell 3 Remixte

No detailed overview of this bike would be complete without highlighting its fantastic spec. The Treadwell 3 Remixte boasts a SmartForm C3 Alloy frame and Steel blades fork with OutFront offset for greater control. The microSHIFT RD-M26CL rear derailleur and TS39-7R shifters promise smooth and quick gear changes. The bike also comes with a cartridge bottom bracket, a Prowheel crank and a 7-speed KMC Z7 chain for reliable, efficient transmission.

The thermo-resin, double-wall rims house Maxxis DTR-1, 650bx47c tires, perfect for providing excellent grip on various surfaces. Sealed alloy disc hubs further enhance the durability while 160/160mm Promax mechanical disc brakes guarantee precise stopping power. Cannondale's Cruise Control riser, made from 6061 Alloy, allows riders to adjust and maintain comfortable control while cruising. Other handy additions include a Cannondale Wheel Sensor for tracking activity and a comfy, perfectly-sized quilted saddle.


The Treadwell 3 Remixte has collected rave reviews from both casual riders and bike enthusiasts. Known for its playfulness and comfort, the Treadwell 3 Remixte serves its purpose as a reliable commuter and fitness bike. Its comfortable seat and handlebar position, paired with the excellent app connectivity, make it a much-loved choice amongst riders. With all these fantastic features in mind, we highly recommend the Treadwell 3 Remixte for anyone looking for a bike that combines traditional design with modern features.