Whyte Mountain Bikes

Whyte Bikes are among the best British mountain bikes possibly ever made - a Whyte mountain bike is designed to match the UK's muddy and wet riding conditions while also giving great performance on UK summer trails. Whyte bikes are recognised for their unique geometry and playful character  fitted out with high quality components. Many of their frames are designed with a longer wheelbase that helps give confidence and stability on sweeping downhill trails.

Founded in 1999 by John Whyte, the company produces a range of mountain bikes for all disciplines of riding, from cross-country and trail riding to downhill and freeride.

Whyte Bikes are known for their innovative design, quality components and attention to detail. The company has won numerous awards for its bikes, including several UK bike magazine accolades.

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Whyte's philosophy is to design bikes that are fun and easy to ride, regardless of terrain or discipline. This is evident in their bikes, which are some of the most popular in the UK.

Whether you're a seasoned mountain biker or someone who just cycles occasionally, there is a Whyte MTB to suit your needs. If you want some inspiration and to see what can be done with a Whyte MTB check out their Instagram page. So why not give Whyte a try, you won't be disappointed.

Thinking of a Whyte Electric MTB?

If you want a good quality electric mtb that is designed for conditions that UK riding can throw at you take a look at the range of Whyte electric mountain bikes, which Bikesy often also finds on sale. An electric mountain bike opens up all sorts of possibilities for all-day rides, making the climbs easier so you've got more left in the tank for the long sweeping downhills.

Want An Offroad Bike You Can Also Use On The Road?

If you want to ride more gentle farm tracks, canal paths and road routes, you may want to check out a Whyte Bikes hybrid - there are mens and womens hybrid bikes available here. A hybrid bike has the advantage of being lighter and faster over smoother terrain, ideal for anyone who doesn't need all of the features of a more robust high end MTB.