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The World’s Best Full Suspension MTB is Finally For Sale

(Pictures below) Sometimes you’ve got to look overseas to find real innovation in cycling. The days of Muddy Fox, Pace and Orange leading the way in MTB design have sadly passed us by, the real action is happening over in Europe. Serbia has not always been known as a leader in MTB design but you can rest assured, our cycling brothers…

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Links We Love

ACTIVISM Bristol Bike Project – Freedom of Movement Fear of Cycling Feminism and Cycling, the “Untrammeled Woman” Femme Pedale Social Movements and the Bicycle The 56a bike blog The 56a bike workshop Vélorutionary? BIKE BLOGS Cycletopia Femme Pedale Grease Rag Ride & Wrench Help! My chain came off TeamGlow Womens’ Cycling Network The 56a bike blog BODY AND HEALTH Bump…

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When People Complain About Unused Cycle Lanes

You know all those Taxi drivers that complain about the London cycle superhighways not being full of cyclists at all times during the day? You know the types, they call in to radio shows like LBC because they want to be able to drive their cabs anywhere they like in London and the hosts always humour them (Little known fact…

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Every Morning

So we had another email about our ride holding up some impatient motorists in Surrey for a few seconds. They still had two minutes to waste writing an email though. Every morning I cycle to work and get held up by lots of cars all lined up in various queues blocking the approach to traffic lights ahead. Should I write…

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Every Time a Pro Racer Gets Caught Cheating…

It always results in the pro bike racer providing a great excuse…

Contaminated Steaks,

Someone else’s motorised bike,

A Hidden Twin,

A mixup at the lab,

Was just researching it, was never going to take it,

Medicine was for my dog,


It always comes back to the great Austin ‘Danger’ Powers