Carrera Hustle

Carrera Hustle

Carrera Hustle - is this the bike for you?

If you're starting to venture off-road then yes, the Hustle is the bike you'll want as a fun, solid, dependable ride to get you out in to the woods and trails.

Sitting at the perfect price point, both the Carrera Hustle 1 and the Carrera Hustle 2 feature just the right amount of technical off road componentry to get you off the beaten track, but without breaking the bank.


Both the Hustle 1 and the Hustle 2 share the same lightweight aluminium hardtail frameset with Suntour XCE suspension forks fitted up front to give a plush 100mm of front travel

Specs at a glance:

Carrera Hustle 1:

Frame: Lightweight Alloy frame
Forks: Suntour XCE  forks with 100mm of travel
Gears: 21-Speed Shimano Tourney (3 x 7)
Brakes: Mechanical disc brakes for good braking
Wheels: 27.5"

Carrera Hustle 2:

Frame: Lightweight Alloy frame
Forks: Suntour XCE forks with 100mm of travel
Gears: 16 Speed Shimano Altus gears (2 x 8)
Brakes: Hydraulic Disc-brakes for extra control and responsiveness
Wheels: 27.5” 

Both the Carrera Hustle 1 and the Carrera Hustle 2 come with a lifetime warranty on the frame.

More Info:

So what do you get if you opt for the higher specced Hustle 2 mountain bike rather than the Hustle 1?

For the most part, they are going to ride nearly identically. Despite the Hustle 1 having more gears, you'll probably prefer the simplicity of the double chainset and wider selection on the rear of the Altus equipped Hustle 2. If you're doing much road riding over potentially glass or rubbish strewn roads you'll be thankful for the uprated Kenda puncture proof tyres that come on the Hustle 2.


A lot of riders have drawn similarity between the Hustle 1 and the Carrera Valour. If you can't find the size you need in the Hustle then it is worth checking out the Valour range (supply chain issues are still affecting bike production - our advice is that if you see a bike in your size that you like, just get it while you can).

Likewise a lot of comparisons have been made between the Hustle 2 and the extremely popular Carrera Vengeance mountain bike. Always worth a look if you can't find a Hustle 2 in the right size.