Cannondale Habit LT LTD

Cannondale Habit LT LTD

Key Features:

  • Type: Cannondale Habit LT LTD - A Progressive Trail Mountain Bike
  • Frame Material: Full Carbon with 140mm travel
  • Drivetrain: SRAM XO Eagle AXS - 12-speed Electronic
  • Fork: RockShox Lyrik Ultimate - 150mm
  • Wheelset: DT Swiss EX1700 Spline

Our Verdict: The Cannondale Habit LT LTD with its full carbon frame and 140mm travel, paired with a SRAM XO Eagle AXS 12-speed electronic drivetrain, delivers a performance built just for you. Equipped with a RockShox Lyrik Ultimate 150mm fork, and a DT Swiss EX1700 Spline wheelset, this bike ensures a controlled and exciting ride on rough terrains.

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Thrill-seekers and trail-blazers, meet the sublime Cannondale Habit LT LTD trail bike. Precision-tuned for controlled chaos, this progressive mountain bike is designed for the challenging trails and rough-and-rowdy rides. With its unyielding performance and design to shred the descents, the Habit LT LTD is an extraordinary offering in today's mountain bike market.

Cannondale Habit LT LTD's Beastly Design

Constructed with a full carbon frame, the Habit LT LTD is meticulously designed to match your thirst for adventure. With a fusion of state-of-the-art materials and tried-and-true cycling technologies, this bike will power through every ride and deeply impress every rider.

Beyond the carbon frame, the 140mm of rear travel and 150mm RockShox Lyrik Ultimate fork up front, provide a smooth and responsive ride on a vast range of trails. In the rear, the RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate rear shock reduces vibrations on harsh trails, making descents as comfortable as possible.

A trail bike isn't complete without a versatile drivetrain. With a precise SRAM XO Eagle AXS 12-speed electronic drivetrain, gear transitions are smooth, providing an optimal riding experience.

Exceptional Cannondale Habit LT LTD Riding Experience

With the Habit LT LTD, expect a wholly engaging riding experience. Whether you're hammering down gnarly descents or climbing steep singletracks, this bike will respond gracefully. The bike thrives in challenging trails, making it an excellent choice for riders who love exploring the off-road world.

The Habit LT LTD, with its unique Proportional Response Design, promises a bike built for you. Everything from the suspension layout to the geometry, even the length of the chainstays, is completely customised to suit your body type and style. So, whether it's shredding hardcore routes or hacking complex trails, expect stellar performance in all weather conditions.

Cannondale Habit LT LTD Specifications

The Habit LT LTD's detailed technical specifications speak for its superiority in the market. The SRAM XO Eagle T-Type chain and SRAM DUB BSA MTB73 Wide bottom bracket work in unison for efficient power transmission.

The bike features potent SRAM G2 RSC hydraulic disc brakes with 200/200mm HS2 rotors, ensuring superior stopping power in all weather conditions. Supporting this are the sturdy DT Swiss EX1700 Spline wheels, which are tubeless-ready and are fitted with high-grip Maxxis Minion DHF and Dissector tyres, making them perfect for rugged trails.

Further enhancing ride comfort and control is the RockShox Reverb AXS electronic dropper post, allowing for quick and easy seat height adjustments on-the-fly.


Every cyclist who's ridden the Habit LT LTD has been in awe of its capable performance. From dominating challenging singletracks to conquering steep descents, riders testify to its unmatched comfort and control. It's a bike that inspires confidence on every ride.

With its state-of-the-art features and unparalleled performance, we recommend the Habit LT LTD to riders who crave adventure and seek a bike that doesn't shy away from hard-hitting trails. If you're searching for a mountain bike that delivers on all demographics, your journey ends with the Habit LT LTD.