UK Police Giving Away Free Gold Standard Bike Locks to Encourage Cycling

There are many initiatives for getting more people cycling as an everyday transport. One we’ve just come across is from the British Transport Police which tackles the concern around bike theft that puts some people off of cycling to a station rather than driving, incase their bike gets stolen while they are away at work. Police … Read more

Barbed Wire Cyclist Trap Set In Kent

Barbed wire across a kent MTB trail

Imagine the scene. You’re riding along your favourite trail, safely away from the cars on the nearby road. You can hear birdsong from across the fields interspersed with the the gravel crunching underneath your wheels as you finally crest the top of the hill. You can that there are no walkers or horse riders further … Read more

Research Shows Cycling Improves Brain Health

We came across some interesting research from Edinburgh University while we were putting together our awesome diet for cyclists article, looking at ageing and dementia. Boffins looked at brain scans from people who kept physically active and found that over a three year period there was less brain shrinkage in those who were more physically … Read more

Request For Help

There are still a lot of people who for whatever reason haven’t had the pleasure of listening to David. With that in mind we want to collect some of his more famous sayings together on this website. To help us achieve this all you have to do is send up some mp3 sound files of … Read more

Encounter With a Hero

My dream finally came true! At the London bike show Cycle2002 I finally met David Duffield and thankfully he was exactly how I expected him to be! I managed to get to the show in Islington at 10.30am on the Saturday as I had heard David would be there along with some other cycling commentators … Read more

Laurence Meets The King

Hello boys and girls, especially Marco. I had a close encounter of the Duffers kind earlier this year and it was a dream come true (which shows I should stop eating cheese late at night). The place… Luxembourg… After a busy day watching the Prologue for the Tour, saw the riders practicing on the circuit … Read more

Three Men Five Wheels

From Sporting Cyclist 1959 SUNDAY proved a very busy day and the morning was spent preparing the trikes and the vehicle. After lunch there were numerous ‘phone calls to get the weather forecast, and then David pronounced the verdict, “We start tomorrow.” More feverish activity with a small office printing kit preparing postcards notifying the … Read more

Wrong Way to End to Ender 1959

WRONG WAY END TO ENDER from Sporting Cyclist 1959 THERE are many unconventional things about David Duffield, the gay cavalier of Midland cycling. For instance, he must be one of the few racing men of the present generation who does no weekday training at all, his cycling being confined to weekends. But most unconventional of … Read more