“Matrix Pro Cycling” was an elite women’s cycling team. With some of the country’s leading riders in its squad the team looked to continue its move towards the top of the sport over the coming years.

They were primarily racing in the UK and Europe on both the road and track.

Through their Matrix Pro Cycling online presence and brand, they strategically positioned themselves as the hub for the domestic and international women’s cycling community. Their focus was to make women’s cycling the sport and activity of choice for women, girls and families through being approachable, fun and inclusive.

When this team was established in 2010 we had a vision for two things; Televised racing for the sport of women’s road cycling and stability for women riders.  Having helped make both of these a reality, we are looking to put our mark on the shape of women’s cycling for future generations.”

To us, Matrix Pro cycling was the ultimate women’s team in the UK. They came up with the biggest dream of all, they worked out the plan to make it happen, and they did it!

This site is in honour of all those who played a part in putting the UK on the map in terms of women’s cycling over the years.

Thanks to the crew at Bikesy, this celebration of women’s cycling will soon be hosted over there on their blog. Be sure to update your bookmarks soon