Cannondale Kids Trail 20

Cannondale Kids Trail 20

At a Glance: Cannondale Kids Trail 20

  • Size: Suitable for kids with height range 116 cm - 129 cm
  • Features: Durable lightweight alloy frame, 7-speed gearing, 20" alloy rims with versatile multi-surface tires, and a Suntour 40mm fork.
  • Additional highlights: Broad tires for varied terrains, low torque twist shifters, kid-specific parts, and a vibrant, eye-catching design.

Our Verdict: The Cannondale Kids Trail 20 is a thoroughbred trail blazer built to boost cycling skills and confidence in growing riders.

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Meet the Cannondale Kids Trail 20, a sporty bike designed for young riders aged between 5 to 8 years, charting their first thrilling forays into the world of biking. Engineered to nurture and enhance budding biking skills while ensuring the utmost safety and comfort, this two-wheeler is perfect for anything from leisure rides on the sidewalk to adventurous trail jaunts. With a focus on sturdy construction and ease of handling, the Kids Trail 20 is key to unlocking an enriched biking experience for your child and a significant player in the thriving child bicycle market.

Cannondale Kids Trail 20: Engineering Excellence

The Kids Trail 20's superior design and construction starts with its lightweight SmartForm C3 Alloy frame. Not only does this make the bike easier to handle for young adventurers, it also imbues it with the necessary strength to withstand their playful exploits. The robust and well-constructed frame is accentuated by an equally sturdy SunTour XCT-JR 20 Fork with 40mm travel, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride across varying conditions with ease. The 20" alloy rims wrapped in multi-surface tyres also dramatically enhance the bike's versatility, letting it aggressively tackle and seamlessly glide across diverse terrains.

When it comes to gearing, the bike is powered by microSHIFT M21S rear derailleur, paired with low-torque 7-speed Twist Shifters from microSHIFT. The gearing system has been thoughtfully designed with easy shifting in mind, ensuring smaller hands can effectively navigate between gears. The Prowheel, Pro-V30, 130mm length, and 30T crank ensure a perfect balance of power and control for the young rider.

The safety measures on the bike don't compromise either. It's equipped with Promax V-Brake brakes that offer an excellent stopping power ensuring rides are safe and secure. HT Alloy nutted axle hubs further contribute to the durability of the wheels while the Innova 20x1.95" multi-use tread tyres offer enhanced grip and stability.

Experience the Ride with the Cannondale Kids Trail 20

The Kids Trail 20 delivers superb performance on different terrains and weather conditions thanks to its alloy frame and versatile multi-surface tires. Its wide range 7-speed gearing with low torque 7-speed twist shifter makes for smooth transition between gears. The 20" alloy rims and versatile multi-surface tires make it suitable for any trail, whether they're cruising on the sidewalks or blazing through the woods.

Due to the lightweight alloy frame and components, pedaling is easy and the low standover makes mounting and dismounting a breeze. The bike also comes with durable components, including a Prowheel, Pro-V30, 130mm length, 30T crank and a Sunrace, 14-28, 7-speed bottom bracket. It also features a bump-smoothing Suntour 40mm fork, ensuring a comfortable ride on any trail.

Technical Specifications of the Cannondale Kids Trail 20

This bike sports a SmartForm C3 Alloy frame, perfect for rim brakes and equipped with rack/fender mounts. Its SunTour XCT-JR 20 Fork offers 40mm travel and supports 1-1/8" steerers with coil and canti mounts. The rear derailleur is a microSHIFT M21S while the shifters are low-torque Twist Shift from microSHIFT with 7-speed functionality. The bike features a KMC Z7, 7-speed chain with a Prowheel, Pro-V30, 130mm length, 30T crank. The rear cogs come from Sunrace, offering a 14-28, 7-speed range. The bottom bracket is cartridge-based with a square taper.


The Cannondale Kids Trail 20 has received glowing testimonials from parents and young cyclists alike. They have applauded its durability, ease of riding, and the confidence and joy it delivers to young riders. This bike comes highly recommended for its ability to facilitate skill-building while reassuring parents about their child's safety. With its rider-friendly features and top-notch construction, it's the perfect two-wheeler for the growing biker.