Cannondale Kids Quick 24

Cannondale Kids Quick 24

At a Glance: Cannondale Kids Quick 24

  • Size: Ideal for kids between 4'1" - 4'6" (124cm-137cm).
  • Lightweight: Durable lightweight alloy frame, making it easier to handle and fun to ride.
  • Gearing: 7-speed gearing with light action twist shifter designed for smaller hands.
  • Tires: 24" alloy rims with light & fast multi-surface tires for grip and control.
  • Comfort: Kid correct comfy grips and adjustable brake levers to fit every hand.

Our Verdict: The Cannondale Kids Quick 24 is an outstanding kids bike designed with a focus on size, lightweight design, advanced gearing system, control, and comfort, to enhance the riding experience for kids between 4'1" - 4'6" (124cm-137cm).

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Welcome to the world of pedal-pushing fun and adventure with the Cannondale Kids Quick 24. This youth-oriented bike is designed to take junior riders aged 7 to 13 years old on a thrilling journey across neighbourhood sidewalks, park trails, and beyond. Built with a focus on performance, comfort, and safety, it finds its niche in the kids' bike market, ready to deliver enjoyable riding experiences for the young, aspiring cyclists.

Explore the Features of Cannondale Kids Quick 24

The Kids Quick 24 offers an optimal balance of child-friendly design, enhanced technology, and reputable materials. From the carefully crafted frame down to minor components, every feature of this bike is built to cater to the specific needs and abilities of the young riders.

An Insight into the Cannondale's Design and Materials

At the heart of the Kids Quick 24 is a robust and lightweight SmartForm C3 alloy frame. The choice of alloy, known for its ideal strength-to-weight ratio, makes this bike manageable and rider-friendly, making pedaling more enjoyable and manoeuvring a breeze. The rigid SmartForm C3 Alloy fork only adds to the stability and control, complete with fender mounts for added versatility.

A Deep Dive into the Bike's Technological Advantage

The bike's tech-focussed features serve their purpose in enhancing the overall riding experience. It flaunts a 7-speed drivetrain, equipped with a microSHIFT M21S rear derailleur and low-torque Twist Shift shifters, specially designed for small hands. Effectively, it allows riders to effortlessly adjust their riding speed based on the terrain.

  • Brakes: The bike incorporates Promax V-brakes that deliver powerful stopping capability, dramatically boosting the bike's safety quotient. Managed by adjustable alloy, linear pull brake levers, they are easy to operate even for small hands.
  • Tires: The wheels of the bike, 24-inch lightweight alloy rims with 28h Spokes, are clad in Kenda, Small Block 8, 24x1.5" multi-surface tires that are grippy and secure, ready to tackle various riding paths with confidence.
  • Cockpit: The rider's cockpit is completed with kid-specific components for ultimate comfort - Lightweight Alloy handlebars with comfy grips, a Canondale Kid's comfort saddle, and One-piece, clamp-less, Alloy seatpost. Furthermore, the adjustable saddle height ensures the bike grows with the child for extended years of fun-filled rides.

The Cannondale's Performance across Different Scenarios

Equipped with all the thoughtful features and components, the Cannondale Kids Quick 24 promises an exhilarating riding experience regardless of the environment. The multi-surface tyres and the bike's stable handling prove equally adept at cruising along park paths or winding around neighbourhood sidewalks, offering easy control through every twist and turn. The bike’s efficient drivetrain ensures seamless gear changes helping young riders conquer minor hilly terrains and slopes, while the powerful brakes work reliably even under varying weather conditions.

Delving into the Bike's Detailed Technical Specification

At the heart of the Kids Quick 24's drivetrain is a Prowheel, Pro-V30, 145mm crank coupled with KMC Z7, 7-speed chain. This setup is powered by a Cartridge, square taper bottom bracket and is paired with a Sunrace, 11-28, 7-speed rear cog to offer a vast range of gears for different riding situations. The wheelset with KT Alloy, QR front hub, and KT Alloy, 7-speed freehub rear hub deliver smooth and reliable engagement. With kid-correct grips and pedals sized for kids' feet, this bike takes the merging of comfort and safety to new levels.


With all the features working in harmony, the Cannondale Kids Quick 24 has proven itself to be a popular choice among young cycling enthusiasts. Its blend of performance, comfort, and safety, specifically tailored to young riders, definitely earns them ground in their early cycling pursuits. While rider testimonials praise the bike's lightweight nature, easy manoeuvrability, reliable brakes, and comfortable seating, it's the eye-catching, fun aesthetic that kids can't get enough of. Given its top-notch performance and sturdy build, the Cannondale Kids Quick 24 rightfully deserves a place in every young rider's life, igniting their passion for cycling at a tender age.