Cannondale Adventure Neo 3.1 EQ

Cannondale Adventure Neo 3.1 EQ

  • Bosch Active Line Plus 250W Drive System: Delivers smooth 50 Nm of torque and assist levels up to 270% of your output for efficient travel through city streets and beyond.
  • 400Wh Battery: The lightweight battery provides a significant range of up to 120 Km, allowing for extensive travel on a single charge.
  • Lightweight Aluminum Frame: Robust yet easily manoeuvrable, the aluminum frame also features a wide step-thru frame for hassle-free mounting and dismounting.
  • Shimano Altus 9-Speed Drivetrain: Offers a wide range of gears for varying terrains, enhancing the bike's versatility.
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes: Ensure reliable braking performance in diverse road conditions for added safety and control.

Our Verdict: The Cannondale Adventure Neo 3.1 EQ incorporates essential features of an e-bike, making it the perfect companion for city commutes, daily errands, and leisure rides. Its high-performing drive system, coupled with a durable frame and effective brakes, guarantees a safe and enjoyable biking experience.

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Unveiling a new era of urban exploration with the Cannondale Adventure Neo 3.1 EQ. This E-Urban Bike, a part of the innovative Adventure Neo line, is tailored to the modern urban cyclist who is looking for a smooth, comfortable, and sustainable way to navigate the concrete jungle. Carving out its niche in the E-bike space, the Cannondale Adventure Neo 3.1 EQ looks to be a game-changer for those who are seeking a balance between function and sophistication in urban mobility.

The Cannondale Adventure Neo 3.1 EQ: A Closer Look at the Features

The sleek exterior of Cannondale's Adventure Neo 3.1 EQ is not just about aesthetics; it's a comprehensive package of smart design, high-tech materials and state-of-the-art engineering that makes this bike an utter joy to ride.

Design and Materials of the Adventure Neo 3.1 EQ

Constructed with a Lightweight aluminium step-thru frame, the Candondale Adventure Neo 3.1 EQ provides an easy-on, easy-off riding experience. This expert aluminium craftsmanship not only ensures a light and swift ride but also provides a robust, durable, and confidence-inspiring cycling experience.

The Adventure Neo 3.1 EQ is also engineered for utmost convenience. The charging port is located high on the frame for easy accessibility. Furthermore, the bike is ready to mount an Abus Lock, proving its attention to security as well as performance.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Components

The Adventure Neo 3.1 EQ is powered by the Bosch Active Line Plus Motor, which provides a smooth ride with 50 Nm of torque and assist levels up to 270% of your output. This allows you to slice through city streets and beyond with ease and efficiency.

The integration of the Shimano Altus 9-speed drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes ensures reliable gear shifts and uncompromised stopping power. The inclusion of a suspension seat post, which lowers the seat height with a simple push of a lever, enhances comfort and ease of riding.

You can also look forward to powerful front and rear lights enhancing your visibility and safety on the roads. Besides, the 400 Wh Battery – the smallest and lightest in the Adventure Neo Range – offers a fast charging, removable, and easy-to-carry solution, providing a range of up to 120 Km.

Riding Experience on the Adventure Neo 3.1 EQ

The Adventure Neo 3.1 EQ offers a pleasantly zippy ride over a wide range of urban terrains. Whether it's cobblestone streets, potholed lanes, or smooth tarmac, this e-bike responds with precision control and impressive performance. Its Bosch drive system provides pedal assist up to a maximum speed of 25km/h, providing a seamless balance between manual pedalling and e-assist.

Combining a confident upright riding position, comfortable saddle, smooth suspension and hill-erasing power, the Adventure Neo 3.1 EQ delivers unrivalled comfort, making every journey feel like a leisurely stroll. Yet, it doesn't compromise on the fun. Its reliable responsive handling and ample power from the Bosch motor, make afternoon commutes, exploratory rides, and weekend errands a true delight.

Adventure Neo 3.1 EQ: Technical Specification

The Adventure Neo 3.1 EQ boasts a SmartForm C3 Alloy frame and fork. The drivetrain uses a microSHIFT M46L for the rear derailleur, paired with microSHIFT M859 9-speed shifters. The chain is a durable KMC Z9, working in tandem with a FSA Bosch E-Bike 38T crank.

The bike’s brakes are impressive Riderever hydraulic discs, with large 180mm front and 160mm rear rotors for superior braking performance. The wheels feature Cannondale 2, double wall rims and stainless steel, 14g spokes. Kenda Kwick Seven.5 tyres measuring 27.5x2.20-in provide a comfortable and controlled ride.

The Cannondale Adventure Neo 3.1 EQ is also fully connected – it features a Cannondale Wheel Sensor for performance tracking, and of course, it's charger-ready with a Bosch 2A charger.


In summary, the Candondale Adventure Neo 3.1 EQ is an excellent e-bike, combining exceptional performance with high-end features in one sleek and easy-to-ride package. From the robust frame and highly reliable motor to the efficient drivetrain, comfortable upright geometry, and top-notch security, this bike ticks all the boxes for a city-ready e-bike.