Assist Crossbar Hybrid Electric Bike

Assist Crossbar Hybrid Electric Bike

  • Hybrid suitable for both city and off-road cycling
  • Steel frame for durability and strength
  • 209Wh Samsung battery with an average range of 10-15 miles, maximum 20 miles
  • Single speed gearing for troublefree maintenance
  • Good V-brakes for effective stopping power

Our Verdict: The Assist Crossbar Hybrid Electric Bike is reliable option for anyone wanting versatility for exploring both urban and off-road trails without the need for fancy kit and the maintenance that goes along with it.

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Introducing the Assist Crossbar Hybrid Electric Bike 2023 - a marvel of modern engineering designed specifically for anyone who dreams of effortless commutes and leisure rides with a touch of eco-friendliness. Well placed in the market for novices and seasoned riders, this e-bike stands as a value for money example of innovation, blending the lines between traditional cycling and electric assist technology. It's the perfect ride for anyone looking to dip their toes into the electric bike waters without compromising on the joy of cycling. If you're after the more women's traditional design of this bike check out the Assist Step-Thru E-Bike model.

The Motor and Battery

At the heart of the Assist Crossbar lies a Shengei 24V 250W front-hub electric motor paired with a robust Samsung 209Wh / 8.7Ah battery. This formidable combo ensures you glide through city streets or country lanes with speeds up to 15.5mph, with an average range of 10-15 miles that can stretch up to 20 miles on a single charge (under the right circumstances). Whether it's tackling hills without breaking a sweat or getting that extra push when needed, this bike has got your back.

Design and Comfort

Designed with a sleek steel hybrid frame, the Assist Crossbar does not compromise on aesthetics for functionality. It features a comfortable Assist Comfort saddle, making long rides a breeze, and black comfort grips that ensure your hands are in for a smooth ride, no matter the distance. Furthermore, the inclusion of full front and rear mudguards means you'll arrive in style, mud-free, regardless of the weather.

Safety and Durability

When it comes to safety, this bike takes no chances. Equipped with powerful V-brakes, it offers unparalleled stopping power, allowing for quick and safe deceleration. Additionally, double-wall rims and Vee Rubber tyres not only add an extra layer of puncture protection but also ensure a smooth ride across differnt types of surfaces.

Good for Shopping

The Assist Crossbar is not just about getting from A to B; it's about doing so with ease. The bike comes with a rear pannier rack, ready to carry your work essentials or shopping with minimal fuss. This is complemented by a Kingmeter LED display, providing clear visibility of your speed and battery level at a glance. And with a convenient removable battery, recharging is as easy as plugging in your smartphone.

The Assist Crossbar Hybrid Electric Bike offers a seamless blend of versatility and comfort, making it ideal for various cycling adventures. On city streets, its smooth gear changes and responsive motor make navigating through traffic a breeze. Venturing onto country paths, the robust frame and durable tyres allow for a stable and enjoyable ride, encouraging you to explore with confidence. And when the weather turns, its reliable brakes and mudguards keep you in control and clean. With this bike, every ride is an opportunity to discover the joy of cycling in a whole new light.

Assist Crossbar Hybrid Electric Bike Tech Specs

Make Assist
Model Crossbar Hybrid Electric Bike 2023
Color Blue
Battery Samsung 209Wh / 8.7Ah
Motor Shengei 24V 250W front-hub
Frame Steel Hybrid
Gears Single speed
Brakes V-brakes
Tyres 26" with double wall alloy rims
Max Range 20 miles*
Recharge Time 4-5 Hours
Display Kingmeter LED Display
Sensor Type Speed Sensor
Mudguards Included
Maximum Rider Weight 120kg
Component warranty 1 Year Electrical components, 1 Year other components (excluding wear and tear)
Battery Warranty 1 Year / 500 charges
Maximum Speed Assistance 15.5mph
Wheel Size 26"
Frame Size One Size (5' 3" - 6' 1" / 160 – 185cm)
Approximate Weight 22kg

Assist Crossbar Hybrid Electric Bike Reviews

Wrapping up, the Assist Crossbar Hybrid Electric Bike represents a gateway to both convenience and sustainability, wrapped up in one sleek, affordable package. At this price you can really see how far electric bikes have come, offering an impeccable balance of performance, comfort, and style.

Riders who've riddern the Assist Crossbar E-bike frequently commend its ease of use, especially appreciating the confidence and flexibility it offers across different terrain.

One rider shared, "It’s been a game-changer for my daily commute. Hills that once daunted me are now easy and I get to work feeling fresh rather than exhausted." Another noted, "The battery life is impressive and I can always whip it out to recharge it under my desk for the ride home."

As a recommendation, if you're looking for an electric bike that blends performance with everyday practicality on short journeys, the Assist Crossbar Hybrid Electric Bike is a fantastic choice. Whether you're a first-time e-bike rider or looking to add to your collection, it offers an engaging and enjoyable riding experience that makes every journey more fun.