Orbea Orca

Orbea Orca

Orbea's range of Orca road bikes is an incredibly popular choice amongst riders who are looking for a reliable, lightweight and performance-oriented, race winning road bike. The Orca range features a choice of framesets and components to suit a range of riding styles and budgets, from weekend mile-eater to tour stage winner.
Orca range is known for its light, stiff frame and excellent handling characteristics, making it a great choice for competitive riders and recreational cyclists alike.

The range also features a variety of build options so riders can customize their bikes to suit their specific needs.

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The Orbea Orca OMX frames mix two types of carbon fibers - high strength fibers and high modulus fibers to make the perfect qualities combine in the frame .
Laser cut carbon sheets used to minimize excess materials and overlap, with hours of premolding to ensure optimal compaction with the smallest amount of carbon. There are no imperfections or wrinkles thanks to latex inserts and a full EPS mold.

Few bike manufacturers have access to an engineering school's research and development resources. For the analysis and testing of aerodynamic theories, Orbea collaborates directly with scientists from Mondragon University in the Basque Country. 
The redesigned Orca has ovalized and gradually flattened downtube, seat tube, and seat stay portions to reduce drag by 10% over the previous model.

To increase stiffness-to-weight ratios, OMR frames use high modulus and high strength fibres into a regular layup. Less carbon can be utilised while preserving strength thanks to bladder moulding using EPS forms and PU headtube and bottom bracket inserts that prevent wrinkling and unconformities in important zones.

The lower spine of the Orca's frame is responsible for supporting the vast bulk of lateral and torsional loads. The headtube, downtube, and chainstays convey power to the rear wheel while preventing twisting. There is no question that less frame flex results in greater power being transferred to the wheel and the perception of immediate power transfer. 

A comfortable frame that helps reduce muscle fatigue and makes you quicker must have lowered seat stays and improved carbon structure and tubing shapes. The top tube and seat stays' minimum mass and the natural flex patterns produced by the carbon layup result in a lively, fluid ride that feels like floating over difficult terrain, helping you save energy when the roads are rough and arduous.

This is extended with the bike's approach to ergonomics as well - an endurance position produces a bike that is simpler to ride and boosts stamina as opposed to a racing position, which emphasises aerodynamics. Rider comfort is maximised by a smaller cockpit and higher handlebars; longer and faster rides result from increased comfort.

Thanks to the oversized construction, the OC2 and OC1 stems on the Orca are stiff and lightweight. A cable channel underneath guides under the stem into the headset spacers, the OC2 stem adds a size-specific cable cover.

The faceplate of the stem is compatible with an integrated computer mounting platform for popular GPS computers.

Attach a your GPS or remove the mount for the ultimate clean appearance, both options provide for improved aero and aesthetic performance.

 You get larger tyre clearance with an Orbea Orca too - many road riders have discovered the advantages of bigger tires, with wider tires inflated to lower pressures helping to reduce rolling resistance and the added air volume dramatically increases comfort and traction which are especially useful for long all-dayer rides in the saddle.

Orbea Orca Suggested Size Guide:

Sizes in metric for estimation, please check your exact size requirements on the bike

155-160 47
160-166 49
167-172 51
173-179 53
180-185 55
186-191 57
192-207 60