Poc Helmets

POC are a Swedish outdoor company that's focused on making protective gear for outdoor activities. POC helmets are renowned for being very safe and for their innovative designs.

When you wear a POC helmet, you'll be protected by a combination of materials like polycarbonate and foam. These materials are lightweight but very strong, so they can help absorb the impact of a crash and protect your head.

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One of the most important features of POC helmets is the adoption of MIPS technology. MIPS is a special system that can help reduce the amount of twisting and turning that can happen during a crash. 

POC helmets are also designed to be comfortable and easy to wear. They have adjustable straps and ventilation systems that can help you stay cool during hot rides. Plus, they come in lots of different sizes and colors, so you can find one that fits you perfectly and matches your riding style.

POC also consider aerodynamics as an important factor in their designs. While safety is always the top priority, POC understands that cyclists want helmets that are aerodynamic to help them ride faster and more efficiently.

To achieve this, POC uses wind tunnel testing and computer simulations to optimize the shape and design of their helmets, looking at factors like drag and airflow, and working to create helmets that are as streamlined as possible without compromising safety.

Some POC helmets also feature what's called a "venturi effect". This is a design element that helps to channel air through the helmet, reducing drag and improving ventilation. The venturi effect can also help to keep the rider's head cool during hot rides.

Ultimately, POC helmets strike a balance between safety and aerodynamics, recognizing that both are important for cyclists. By using advanced testing and design techniques, POC is able to create helmets that offer high levels of protection and performance.