Orange Mountain Bikes

Orange Bikes have been making mountain bikes in Halifax, UK for over 30 years now. Orange Bikes have an instantly recognisable rugged frame design, a uniquely folded swingarm that will stand out straight away and a classic vintage appearance that shows off their roots from the start of mountain biking.

Orange enduro bikes are designed to hammer the downhills but still make the climbs as well, Orange enduro bikes are for those who want to experience the full plethora of mountain biking, perfectly capable of handling drops, jumps and everything in-between.

Orange suspension trail bikes are bikes that do everything, whether you prefer the flat out speed of the 29er Stage mountain bikes or the quick agility of the 27.5 trail burners, Orange trail bikes do everything. From long days in the saddle to short downhill blast these bikes will handle anything in their stride and leave you feeling very satisfied.

Orange Hardtail mountain bikes are where the company first started many years ago, so if you’re after a Clockwork Orange you’ll find you’ve got a bike with a great pedigree and fantastic handling.

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