Endura Body Armour

If you're a cyclist, you know the importance of protecting yourself while out on the road or trails. These Endura body armours offer a range of options to keep you safe and comfortable on your ride. Whether you need lightweight protection for an XC race or heavy-duty armour for downhill shredding, Endura has you covered.

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Stay Protected with Endura Body Armour

Endura has been a trusted name in cycling apparel for over 20 years. Their body armour line is no exception to their commitment to quality and innovation. The range includes options for all disciplines of cycling and every level of protection you need.

Full Coverage for Downhill Riding

If you're hitting the gnarliest trails, the Endura MT500 Full Face Helmet and Body Armour are must-haves. The helmet features a tough outer shell and comfortable, moisture-wicking padding. The body armour includes both a spine protector and chest protector for full coverage.

Lightweight Protection for XC Racing

If you're looking for lightweight protection that won't hold you back on the climbs, check out the Endura SingleTrack Lite Elbow Protectors and Knee Protectors. These pads are made with impact-resistant foam and reinforced with Kevlar for added durability.

Stay Cool with Breathable Armour

For those hot summer rides, the Endura MT500 Lite Knee Protector and Arm Protector offer protection while allowing ample airflow. The lightweight, breathable materials keep you cool and comfortable on even the toughest climbs.