Bontrager Lights

Bontrager lights are the perfect addition to your cycling gear, providing safety and visibility on even the darkest of rides. Whether you're a commuter, road cyclist, or mountain biker, Bontrager has a range of lights to suit your needs.

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Illuminate Your Path

Bontrager's Ion lights offer powerful illumination with long-lasting battery life, perfect for those early morning or late night rides. With multiple brightness settings and easy-to-use mounts, you'll never have to worry about being underprepared again.

Stay Visible

The Flare series of lights provides unmatched visibility, with attention-grabbing flash patterns and daytime visibility features. Whether you're riding in traffic or on a winding mountain road, the Flare lights will ensure that you're seen by everyone around you.

Adapt to Any Situation

The Transmitr series of lights offer wireless control and customization, allowing you to easily adjust your lighting on the go. With a range of brightness settings and beam patterns, you'll be able to adapt to any situation and ride with confidence.