Altura Gloves

Altura gloves are the perfect choice for cyclists who want comfort and protection during their rides. With a range of styles and features, there's an Altura glove for every type of cyclist.

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Cut down on hand fatigue

Altura gloves are designed to help you stay comfortable on long rides. With features like gel padding and breathable fabrics, you can reduce hand fatigue and stay on the road longer.

Stay warm and dry

Altura gloves are also great for keeping your hands warm and dry during cold or wet weather. Many styles feature waterproof and windproof materials, as well as thermal linings to keep your hands cozy and comfortable.

Improve your grip

Altura gloves also offer great grip and control, thanks to features like silicone prints and synthetic leather palms. This means you can feel confident and secure on your handlebars, whether you're racing or just cruising around town.