Triban RC100

Triban RC100

  • Comfort geometry offers a more upright position for enhanced cycling comfort.
  • Equipped with single-chainring drivetrain for simplified shifting and reduced weight.
  • Features 700 x 32 hybrid tyres suitable for both roads and trails.
  • 6061 aluminium frame with a comfort-oriented design for durability and ease of ride.
  • Incorporates Tektro cartridge brakes for reliable stopping power.

Our Verdict: The Triban RC100 is an excellent first "serious" bike for new cyclists looking for a versatile and comfortable road bike to start out in the sport, that holds up well on both pavement and light trails.

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Launching onto the cycling scene with a blend of comfort, simplicity, and versatility, the Triban RC100 is an ideal choice if you're embarking on a new road cycling journey. Aimed at those taking their first pedal steps into more serious road riding, this bike offers a no-frills approach to getting you up and running. With its thoughtful design aimed at enhancing your comfort as you get used to drop bars, it secures a unique place in the entry-level market segment, promising to turn heads and ignite a passion for cycling amongst its riders.

Triban RC100's Versatile Design

The heart of the Triban RC100's appeal lies in its straightforward yet effective design. Engineered with a comfort-orientated frame geometry, the bike features a higher steering socket and a shorter top tube. This setup ensures a more upright riding position than traditional road bikes, reducing strain on the rider's back and shoulders, which is a genius move when you are designing a bike for someone as their first 'proper' road bike, who probably won't be used to the drop bar sportier position. It also gives better visibility through traffic. The frameset itself is crafted from 6061 T6 aluminium, as found on bikes normally costing much more than this one, offering a light yet robust base for both road and even light trail exploration.

  • Single-Chainring Drivetrain: Simplifies the cycling experience, the single chainring setup eliminates the confusion of multiple gears, making it easier for beginners to enjoy their ride without worrying about complex two handed gear changes.
  • Comfort-Focused Tyres: The bike is equipped with B'Twin Sport 700 x 32 hybrid tyres. These tyres feature a versatile tread pattern that performs well on both roads and groomed trails, offering stability and grip in a variety of riding conditions. You can always upgrade later to lighter tyres if you want a bit more speed and responsiveness.
  • Accessible Brake System: With Tektro RL 340 brake levers, the bike ensures that riders have reliable stopping power at their fingertips, contributing to a safe and enjoyable cycling experience, without the extra cost of a disc system.

You'll be pleased to hear the RC100 doesn't skimp on comfort, boasting a B'Twin Sport saddle and an aluminium seat post renowned for its flex, offering added comfort by absorbing vibrations from uneven surfaces. Great for anyone starting out who hasnt broken in their posterior yet!

Can the Triban RC100 Ride Gravel?

In a word, YES, if you ride cautiously on smoother surfaces. Whether it's your daily commute, a leisurely ride through the park, or a daring venture onto smoothed trails, the Triban RC100 stands ready. The inclusion of hybrid tyres means you'll find this bike to be a capable companion on paved roads, offering the smoothness and speed you'd expect, while also holding its own on less forgiving paths. With its single chainring, gear changes are straightforward, letting you focus on the joy of the ride and the scenery around you.

As the seasons change, so too does the performance of the RC100. Its robust aluminium frame and steel fork combination ensure that the bike remains steady and responsive, whether you’re pedalling under the blazing sun or tackling the crisp air of autumn mornings. The wide tyres provide ample traction on wet roads, giving you the confidence to ride regardless of weather conditions.

For those looking to push their boundaries, the RC100 offers a gentle introduction to off-road adventures. Its tyres are apt for gravel paths and park trails, inviting you to explore the great outdoors and all the therapeutic benefits that come with it.

Triban RC100 Tech Specs

Frame 6061 T6 aluminium, Comfort geometry, size M: 1830 g
Fork Straight steel, Aheadset 1"1/8 steerer tube
Handlebar Aluminium B'Twin Sport, 420mm width axle-axle
Stem B'Twin Sport aluminium, Lengths: XS/S: 90 mm, M: 90 mm, L: 110 mm, XL: 110 mm
Drivetrain 7-speed Shimano A050 shifter, single 44 teeth chainring, Cranks: 170 mm, Cassette: Microshift 12 x 28
Brakes Tektro RL 340 levers, Cartridge brakes
Wheels B'TWIN SPORT 700, double-walled, Quick-release 9mm
Tyres B'Twin Sport 700 x 32, hybrid with small/larger studs
Saddle B'Twin Sport 100 Black
Seat post B'Twin Sport aluminium, Diameter: 27.2 mm, Length: 250 mm for XS/S, 350 mm for M/L/XL
Pedals Versatile platform
Accessories/Equipment Front and rear-lighting kit, bell
Weight 11.3 kg in size M, without pedals
Suspension None
Ideal Surface Road
Number of Gears 7 speed
Bike Frame Material Aluminium frame
Handlebar Type Drop bar
Number of Chainrings Single chainring
Wheel Size 700 mm
Type of Bicycle Fork Steel fork
Type of Brakes V Brakes


We'd put this bike in our top 3 of entry level budget road bikes. The alumnium frame, well thought out riding position, choice of components, coupled with the top notch high street warranty and support makes this an outstanding choice at this price, and some serious competition for the more road focussed Carrera Zelos. Get this bike right now, and as you get more confident add clipless pedals and lighter tyres as you progress. The RC100 will stand you in good stead for your first 'proper' road bike at this price point.