Rockrider ST530

Rockrider ST530

The world of mountain biking is vast, with trails ranging from smooth singletracks to gnarly downhill descents. For those who crave adventure and the thrill of conquering diverse terrains, the right bike can make all the difference. Enter the Rockrider ST 530, a bike that promises not just to be a mode of transport, but an extension of the rider.

Our Verdict: Great bike for someone starting out with proper off road rides or rough commutes

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This is about the hardtail version of the Rockrider ST 530

Click here to see details on the full suspension Rockrider ST 530

Features and Performance

1. Single Chainring Drivetrain: Simplifying the gear system, the Rockrider ST 530 comes with a single chainring. This design ensures swift acceleration, allowing riders to adapt quickly to changing terrains. Whether you're climbing steep inclines or shredding downhill, the bike's drivetrain promises seamless transitions.

2. Cable-Operated Disc Brakes: Safety is paramount when you're hammering down trails. The Rockrider ST 530 is equipped with cable-operated disc brakes, ensuring that you have optimal stopping power at your fingertips. No matter the weather conditions or the terrain, these brakes guarantee consistent performance.

3. Lightweight Frame: The bike boasts an aluminium frame, which is not only durable but also significantly lighter than many of its counterparts. This reduction in weight translates to increased maneuverability and control, especially when navigating tight turns and technical sections.

4. Playful Handling: Reviews from various sources highlight the Rockrider ST 530's playful handling. Its design encourages riders to be adventurous, making it perfect for narrow trails and challenging terrains.

5. Balanced Seating Position: The Rockrider ST 530 strikes a perfect balance between sporty efficiency and comfort. Its seating position ensures riders can pedal efficiently while also enjoying a comfortable upright posture, reducing fatigue during longer rides.

Rider Experience

The Rockrider ST 530 is not just a bike; it's an experience. On easy terrain, riders can expect a smooth and enjoyable ride. The bike's design ensures that even on simple forest roads, the ride feels adventurous and exhilarating. Its lightweight frame and efficient gear system make climbing a breeze, while the robust brakes ensure safety during descents.

However, the true essence of the Rockrider ST 530 shines on challenging trails. Its playful handling encourages riders to push their limits, whether it's railing berms or hucking jumps. And when the weather turns gnarly, the bike's performance remains consistent, ensuring riders can focus on the trail ahead.

Technical Specifications

  • Frame: ST 27, 6061 Aluminium (only 2.1 kg in size M)
  • Fork: Rockrider U-FIT 100
  • Drivetrain: 1x9
  • Gear Lever: Microshift Advent
  • Rear Derailleur: Microshift Advent
  • Chainring: 32 teeth
  • Cassette: Microshift Cassette 11-42
  • Chain: KMC Z9
  • Brake Set: Tektro TKD 68
  • Brake Rotors: 160/160 mm
  • Rims: Aluminium Tubeless-ready 23 mm
  • Tires: Rockrider All Conditions 27.5x2.0 (both front and rear)
  • Saddle: Rockrider Ergofit
  • Seat Post: Aluminium rigid
  • Stem: Aluminium 80 mm
  • Handle Bar: Aluminium 720 mm


The Rockrider ST 530 hardtail is more than just a mountain bike; it oozes the French style of innovation and design. And for the price it promises an unparalleled riding experience, whether you're a beginner looking to explore local trails or a seasoned rider aiming to conquer challenging terrains. With its blend of top-notch features, lightweight design, and competitive pricing, the Rockrider ST 530 is set to be a game-changer in the world of entry level mountain biking. So, if you're looking to elevate your riding experience and send it on the trails, the Rockrider ST 530 is the bike for you. Happy shredding!