Endura Baabaa

Endura Baabaa

Welcome to the Endura Baabaa page, where we delve into the depths of woolen cycling apparel. With the Baabaa, you'll never have to worry about cold chills and dampness again.

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The Endura Baabaa - Pure Wool, Pure Performance

Get ready to experience the ultimate in warmth and comfort with the Endura Baabaa. This 100% merino wool garment is a staple for any cyclist looking to take on the cold weather. The Baabaa is designed to keep you warm but also breathes extremely well, so you don't overheat.

Not only is it great for cycling, but it's perfect for those chilly days where you just want to get out and about. The Baabaa features a full-length zip for easy on/off, three rear pockets for storage, and a rear zipped security pocket for your valuables.

Why Choose the Endura Baabaa?

The Baabaa is made from the finest merino wool, making it incredibly soft, warm, and comfortable. The wool also has natural moisture-wicking properties, which means you'll stay dry even when you're working hard. The Baabaa is also naturally anti-bacterial, making it the perfect choice for those long rides where you don't want to be smelly.

The Endura Baabaa is also extremely durable and will last you for many years to come. It's designed to withstand the rigors of cycling and won't shrink or lose its shape after washing.

Many People Liked the Endura Baabaa

The Endura Baabaa has received rave reviews from cyclists all around the world. Many people have commented on how warm and comfortable it is, and how well it performs in cold and damp conditions. The Baabaa is also highly regarded for its breathability and moisture-wicking properties, making it the perfect choice for any cyclist looking to stay warm and dry.


Many cyclists have praised the Endura Baabaa for its warmth, comfort, and breathability. It's a go-to garment for cold and damp conditions, but also serves as a versatile piece for everyday wear. The natural moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial properties of the merino wool make it a favorite for long rides. Additionally, reviewers have commented on the Baabaa's durability and how well it holds up after many washes. Overall, the Endura Baabaa is highly regarded and loved by many cyclists.