Carrera Cosmos 14

Carrera Cosmos 14

  • Lightweight aluminium frame and wheelset are easy to steer and control
  • Hybrid air-filled rubber tyres boost comfort
  • Mini V-brakes provide strong stopping power
  • Adjustable seatpost and brake levers for the perfect fit
  • Chainguard protects little fingers and clothing

Our Verdict: The Carrera Cosmos 14 is the ideal first pedal bike for kids progressing from a balance bike, with a lightweight frame, grippy tyres, and kid-friendly features that make learning to ride a breeze.

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Designed specifically for younger riders, the Carrera Cosmos 14 is the perfect introduction to the world of pedal bikes. With its lightweight aluminium frame, easy-to-control geometry, and confidence-inspiring features, this bike will have your little one zooming around the park in no time. The Cosmos 14 bridges the gap between balance bikes and larger pedal bikes, providing a stable and comfortable ride that allows kids to focus on developing their cycling skills.

A Lightweight Frame for Easy Handling

The heart of the Carrera Cosmos 14 is its lightweight aluminium frame and wheelset. Just like a trusty sidekick, this dynamic duo makes the bike easy to steer and control, giving your child the confidence to take on new adventures. The frame's low standover height allows for easy mounting and dismounting, while the compact geometry ensures a comfortable and upright riding position.

The Cosmos 14's hybrid air-filled rubber tyres are like miniature trampolines, absorbing bumps and vibrations from the road and offering a smooth, cushioned ride. But they're not just about comfort; the tyres also deliver excellent grip, ensuring your little cyclist maintains traction across all types of surfaces.

Stopping Power You Can Count On

Learning to ride a bike is all about building confidence, and the Carrera Cosmos 14's mini V-brakes are like a safety net, providing reliable stopping power when your child needs it most. Easy to operate, they can be adjusted to fit perfectly for small hands allowing your youngster to feel safely in control at all times.

Kids grow fast these days, and the Cosmos 14 is designed to keep up! With an adjustable seatpost and brake levers, this bike can be fine-tuned to provide the perfect fit for your child. As they grow taller and more confident on two wheels, the bike adapts to their changing needs, ensuring a comfortable and efficient ride every time, all while saving you money.

Chainguard: The Unsung Hero

The chainguard on the Carrera Cosmos 14 may not be the flashiest feature, but it's certainly one of the most important. This humble component acts as a barrier between your child's clothing and the bike's greasy chain, preventing snags, tears, and stains. It also keeps curious little fingers safe from pinches and cuts, allowing your youngster to focus on the joys of cycling.

Carrera Cosmos 14 Tech Specs

Child Height 105 - 116cm (Age Guide - 4-7 years)
Approximate Weight (KG) 6kg
Brake Type Mini V-brakes
Tyres Kenda Air Filled Rubber
Frame Material Lightweight Aluminium
Fork Material Steel
Number of Gears 1
Suspension No
Wheel Size 14"
Rims Alloy
Tyre Size 14" x 1.5"
Handlebar Type 1 Piece
Headset A Headset
Pedals Colour matched pedal
Stabilisers No
Primary Colour BLUE
Safety Features Unique Chain Runner
Additional Features Lightweight 1 piece handlebar


After checking out the Carrera Cosmos 14 we can confidently say that this bike is a top choice for young riders moving from a balance bike to a pedal bike. The lightweight aluminium frame and easy-to-control geometry make the Cosmos 14 a pleasure to ride, while the child-friendly features such as the adjustable seatpost and brake levers, ensure a comfortable and confident experience.

One of the great features of the Cosmos 14 is its hybrid air-filled rubber tyres. These tyres provide a smooth and comfortable ride, absorbing bumps and vibrations from uneven surfaces, while also offering excellent grip on all sorts of terrain. We were impressed by how stable and secure the bike felt, even when navigating turns or riding over loose gravel.

The mini V-brakes on the Carrera Cosmos 14 also deserve praise for their reliable stopping power and easy adjustability. We found that the brakes were responsive and easy to operate, giving young riders the confidence to control their speed and come to a stop when needed. The adjustable brake levers are a thoughtful touch, ensuring that the bike can adapt to a child's growing hands.

While the Cosmos 14 excels in many areas, there is one potential area for improvement. The single-speed drivetrain, while simple and easy to maintain, may limit the bike's versatility as a child's riding skills progress. Some parents might prefer the option of a bike with gears to help their child tackle hills or longer distances, but if gears could be confusing for your little one, then the single speed is a great choice.

Overall, we highly recommend the Carrera Cosmos 14 for young riders moving up from a balance bike to a pedal bike. Its lightweight frame, child-friendly features, and reliable components make it an excellent choice for building confidence and skills. With its comfortable ride and easy handling, the Cosmos 14 is sure to inspire a love of cycling that will last a lifetime.