Cannondale Scalpel HT Hi-MOD Ultimate

Cannondale Scalpel HT Hi-MOD Ultimate

  • Frame: Ultralight Hi-MOD Carbon
  • Fork: Lefty Ocho Carbon 110mm Fork
  • Drivetrain: SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS Wireless 12-Speed Group
  • Brakes: Level Ultimate Disc Brakes
  • Extras: Integrated Cannondale App Connectivity

Our Verdict: The Cannondale Scalpel HT Hi-MOD Ultimate provides an unprecedented combination of speed, efficiency, and endurance thanks to its lightweight carbon frame, versatile 12-speed drivetrain and state-of-the-art disc brakes. Added bonus: you can keep track of your route and performance with the integrated Cannondale App!

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Immerse yourself in the exceptional Cannondale Scalpel HT Hi-MOD Ultimate, an extraordinary XC mountain bike for those who seek the thrill of speed, unwavering efficiency and lasting endurance. Built with utmost precision, this bike is ideal for ardent cyclists eager to push their boundaries in taxing terrains, renowned for its outstanding performance, innovative design and unparalleled characteristics, the Scalpel is high-profile yet a purposely accessible dream machine.

Revolutionary Design of the Cannondale Scalpel HT Hi-MOD Ultimate

This bike possesses an ultra-light Hi-MOD Carbon frame, which weighs a mere 895 grams, making climbing ascend as easy as a breeze. Its advanced design employs proportional response size-specific chainstays and a steep seat angle to maintain optimal balance between the wheels. This ensures better control on descents and improved efficiency when hacking uphill.

Advance Technology Optimised for Performance

Let's delve into the heart of the bike – its technology. One of the prominent features is the Lefty Ocho Carbon fork which boasts a 110mm travel, and friction-free needle bearing internals. This incredibly light XC fork provides unmatched control, prompting confident riding even when the trails get gnarly.

With the Cannondale Scalpel HT Hi-MOD Ultimate fitted with SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS, you are guaranteed speedy and efficient performance. Its wireless 12-speed group, coupled with Level Ultimate disc brakes, offers you security and control no matter the speed or terrain.

A Sensor Packed Cannondale Experience

Besides the sturdy exteriors, the Scalpel is also equipped with an integrated wheel sensor that provides hyper-accurate information such as speed, route and distance, and even sends reminders for service needs all via the free Cannondale App. This adds another layer of convenience to your cycling experience.

Unrestrained Riding Experience with the Scalpel HT Hi-MOD Ultimate

Let us travel from the intricate internals to the real-world experience this bike offers. As one of the finest in Cannondale's stable, this bike is a beast at heart, all roaring and ready to go on any terrain at any given time. The incredibly slack front end at 66.5° affords stability, enhancing your confidence as you tread downhill, and steep ascents alike.

With HollowGram 25 carbon tubeless-ready wheels and Cannondale C1 Carbon bar and seat post, this bike screams endurance. Be it riding long distances or challenging single tracks, the Scalpel remains your reliable companion.

The Cannondale Scalpel HT Hi-MOD Ultimate Specifications

Let’s now dissect each detail that makes this bike the masterpiece it is.

The Scalpel's Frame utilises a Hi-MOD Carbon structure, making it durable and lightweight while maintaining excellent ergonomic comfort during riding and superior stability beneath the rider. The Proportional Response Design creates an ideal weight distribution between the wheels, giving the rider a balanced biking experience.

The bike features a unique SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS Rear Derailleur and facilitates smooth shifting with SRAM Eagle AXS, allowing seamless 12-speed transitions. The chain is made from SRAM XX1 Eagle, Rainbow. The under-the-rider gear uses SRAM XG-1299, XX1 Eagle, Rainbow, which ranges between 10-52, 12-speed.

The Carbon bar and seat post are made from Cannondale's own C1 Carbon, and the saddle by Prologo Dimension NDR, providing maximum comfort to the rider. Finally, the Cannondale Wheel Sensor keeps track of all your riding details and reminds you of your service needs via the Cannondale App.


The Cannondale Scalpel HT Hi-MOD Ultimate embodies all the elements one seeks in an XC mountain bike, and personal testimonials underscore its exceptional performance and commend the advanced, smooth and precise handling, which is, indeed, testaments of a well-rounded and approachable mountain bike.

We highly recommend the Scalpel HT Hi-MOD due to its thoroughly considered design, integrated technology, and an overall riding experience for riders wanting to acquire speed, efficiency and endurance. Defying the norms and challenging the boundaries, this bike is envisioning the future of mountain biking.