Apollo Craze

Apollo Craze

Key Features of the Apollo Craze Junior Mountain Bike:

  • Robust, lightweight aluminium frame for easy handling
  • Front Suspension for a smoother ride over rough terrain
  • 18-speed Shimano gears with Revoshift twist shifters for easy gear changes
  • Front and rear cable disc brakes for reliable stopping power
  • 24" air filled rubber tires suitable for a variety of terrains

Our Verdict: The Apollo Craze is a versatile junior mountain bike that offers comfort and control for young riders ready to explore.

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Tailored to inspire the younger generation to take on off-road adventures, the Apollo Craze Junior Mountain Bike with its 24" wheels offers a perfect blend of robust design and vibrant performance for budding cyclists. This versatile bike is engineered to cater to children aged between 8 and 12 years old, delivering the thrill of mountain biking in a package that's just the right size. Positioned as an affordable and reliable option in the junior bike market, the Apollo Craze makes mountain biking accessible to every adventurous spirit, whatever the budget.

Apollo Craze Features

At the heart of the Apollo Craze Junior Mountain Bike is a lightweight aluminium frame that strikes an excellent balance between durability and ease of handling. The material choice ensures that the bike remains manageable for younger riders while also being able to handle the gnarly challenges of off-road trails. The detailed geometrical design also factors in the ergonomics suitable for children, allowing them to ride with confidence, whether they're shredding through singletrack or cruising down the neighbourhood pavement.

Shifting Gears with Ease

The bike's drivetrain, equipped with 18 speed gears, represents a system optimized for both the ascents and descents typical in mountain biking. Incorporating light action Shimano Revoshift twist shifters, it allows for lightning-fast gear changes, a feature that is particularly useful when tackling hilly terrain or preparing for a sprint. The incorporation of a 3-speed front derailleur and a 6-speed Shimano Tourney rear derailleur further assures a smooth transition between gears, facilitating a seamless riding experience.

Effective Stopping Power

Safety is paramount when it comes to children's bikes, and the Apollo Craze doesn't skimp in this department. Fitted with front and rear cable disc brakes, it provides impressive stopping power that is necessary for the unpredictable terrain of mountain biking. These disc brakes offer consistent performance in various weather conditions, ensuring that young riders can come to a halt efficiently whenever required.

Forks and Suspension - Smoothing the Ride

Rough trails and uneven ground are no match for the Apollo Craze's front suspension system. It works to absorb the shocks and bumps encountered on the off-road excursions, helping to provide a more comfortable ride and improve handling. The robust steel forks add to this sense of stability, giving young riders the confidence to navigate through rocky paths and root-ridden trails.

Wheels and Tyres - Built for Adventure

The bike rolls on sturdy 24" aluminium rims, shod with air-filled rubber tyres that offer a blend of grip and durability necessary for trail riding. The tyre size is optimally chosen for junior riders, allowing them to maintain control while developing their off-road riding skills. These wheels enable young enthusiasts to rail through berms and send it confidently over jumps and drops.

Rider Experience on Various Terrain and Weather Conditions

The Apollo Craze Junior Mountain Bike invites young riders to experience the joys and challenges of mountain biking across diverse environments. Whether it's the thrill of climbing steep inclines, the control required for descending safely, or the agility needed for navigating through technical trails, this bike is up to the task. The responsive gear system and effective brake setup allow for adaptability to changing conditions, as young adventurers learn to read the terrain and adjust their riding accordingly.

Rain or shine, the reliable disc brakes ensure consistent performance, generating the confidence to ride in wet conditions without fear of compromised stopping power. The suspension forks play a crucial role in dampening the impacts of rough terrain, making long rides more enjoyable and less tiring, especially for those with less experience on the trails. It's the kind of two-wheeled companion that transforms every outdoor venture into an opportunity for skill development and fun.

Technical Specification

  • Frame: Lightweight aluminium
  • Front Derailleur: 3 speed Shimano
  • Rear Derailleur: 6 speed Shimano Tourney
  • Disc Brakes: Front and Rear Cable Disc Brakes
  • Forks: Robust Steel with Front Suspension
  • Wheel Size: 24 inches
  • Tyre Size: 24"x1.75"
  • Number of Gears: 18
  • Gear Shifters: Shimano Revoshift Twist Shift Gear Shifters
  • Approximate Weight (KG): 14kg


The Apollo Craze Junior Mountain Bike has been warmly received by both young riders and their guardians alike, boasting high praise for its performance and quality. Riders report a thoroughly enjoyable experience, noting that it handles well under various circumstances, from practising jumps in the park to tackling exciting off-road escapades. Parents commend the bike for its build quality and the peace of mind provided by its responsive braking system and user-friendly gear shifters. Overall, the Apollo Craze Junior Mountain Bike comes highly recommended as a reliable, fun, and value-packed option for the adventurous youth looking to explore the world of mountain biking.