Orbea Wild

Orbea Wild

Orbea's new Wild eMTB is designed to be the best enduro electric mountain bike on the trails. It's packed with features to help you tackle even the toughest terrain, like full 29-inch wheels and 160mm of rear-suspension travel. The frame has been carefully tuned for stiffness, weight, geometry, and kinematics, so it performs at its best. And with seven models to choose from, including four carbon-framed options and three aluminum bikes, there's something for everyone.

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The Orbea Wild range isn't just about performance - it's also packed with the latest technology from Bosch. The bike uses Bosch's full-power CX and CX-R electric mountain bike motors, which deliver a whopping 85Nm of torque.

For riders looking for all-day epics, there is the option to choose between a 625Wh or 750Wh battery, depending on how much range you need, and for anyone looking to eek out a bit more, Orbea have added in functionality allowing you to control the motor using Bosch's latest Mini Remote, which lets you change mode settings wirelessly.

One of the great design choices hat sets the Wild apart from other eMTBs is its innovative SBS (Secure Battery System). Instead of having a removable battery that adds weight and complexity like many other electric mountain bikes, Orbea have integrated the battery into the down tube, to the extent that most people wouldn't even know there is a battery there on first glance. This not only improves stiffness and reduces weight, but it also makes the bike quieter. Plus, the Wild has a 51.59% stiffer front triangle than the previous model, so it's even more agile and responsive on the trails when you really need to throw it around.

Orbea's Wild isn't just about stiffness and power though - it's also been designed to handle like a dream. Orbea have borrowed some of the best features from its Rallon enduro bike, like a longer and slacker frame and 29-inch wheels front and back. This helps improve traction and stability on steep, technical trails. And with a moderate 64-degree head tube angle and an effective seat tube angle of 77.5 degrees across all sizes, the Wild is comfortable and confident on any terrain, meaning you'll stay less fatigued for longer.

In short, Orbea's Wild is a top-performing enduro eMTB that's packed with features and technology. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, the Wild has everything you need to tackle the trails with confidence and style. Take a look around the options above to find an Orbea Range that matches your budget.

Orbea Wild Suggested Size Guide:

Height ( cm ) Size
160-175 S/M
170-185 L
180-198 XL