Research Shows Cycling Improves Brain Health

We came across some interesting research from Edinburgh University while we were putting together our awesome diet for cyclists article, looking at ageing and dementia. Boffins looked at brain scans from people who kept physically active and found that over a three year period there was less brain shrinkage in those who were more physically active.

The level of exercise didn’t have to be anything major like running a marathon, getting a black belt in karate or playing squash – doing a good walk a few times a week sufficed. This also outdid mentally stimulating pursuits such as reading a book, doing crosswords or being socially active.

We’ve got to admit, after a lifetime spent around cyclists of all ages that this doesn’t come as a surprise to us – every bike club has got the old boys (and girls) who, while they might not go out hard, still get out riding regularly and keep their faculties sharp and their bodies mobile. It doesn’t have to be racing, it doesn’t have to be training, it just has to be something that gets the blood flowing to deliver oxygen and nutrients to brain cells.

Just another reason to keep riding and get those near and dear to you on a bike as well.


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