Elite Zumo Smart Turbo Trainer

Elite Zumo Smart Turbo Trainer

The Elite Zumo smart turbo trainer is one of the best value for money interactive smart turbo trainers in the UK right now and gives a performance well above what you'd expect at this price point. The power readings are consistently accurate and the realistic ride feel gives an online racing expererience that is more fun. 


If you're looking at a good way into Zwift, and don't want to cut any corners, then this is a fantastic start point

Specs at a glance:

The Zumo will work on slopes up to 12% which should be enough for most online courses. If you need to go up to 15% then check out the Suito which also caters for a whopping 1900Watts

More Info:

This model comes without a cassette, allowing you to fit the model and ratio of your choice


Road CC called the Zumo a "very good budget interactive trainer, offering a great performance for the price".