Museum from the Future…in town from 2042

Spokeswomen Oxford have teamed up with actofactivism, Beryls’ Night and Shtig to bring you an interactive installation for the imagination.

Museum from the Future Logo

When? 1st-4th June 2012

Where? Arts at the Old Fire Station, 40 George Street, Oxford, OX1 2AQ.

Sometimes its hard to imagine that ordinary people can change the world. But just look at the history of the car and prepare to be empowered and astonished.

The year is 2042. Discover the car: legendary machine that nearly ruined our planet – but didn’t because people like us kicked the petrol addiction.

Ever wonder how we achieved the sustainable society that we are lucky enough to live in now? Step back in time to 2012 to discover where it all began.

Introducing: ‘Museum from the Future’ a pop-up exhibition with real artefacts from the bygone motoring age, an interactive history of the downfall of the car, and a programme of events exploring Oxford’s role in the global transition to a post-oil, post-car world.

Featuring all your favorite bicycle technology such as bike-chariots, bike-cinema, bike-sound systems and more.

Get a taster of whats in store:

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