Do You Actually Want Women In Cycling?

It’s not often male pro riders speak out from the heart about women’s cycling. A bit of lip service to keep the sponsors happy, sure, but spelling it out for the fans that still don’t get it, whether they’re going to like what they are going to hear or not.

Former Milk Ras stage winner and top US pro cyclo cross rider Adam Myerson has some pretty clear views on women inn cycling. He doesn’t hold back.

There’s a lot of conversation on social media right now about women in cycling, marketing images, and women’s experience in cycling, generally. A friend of mine, female, cyclist, trying to get more into racing, texted this to me this morning, about how things are going for her:

“I’m just done with it as a sport entirely. I’m sick of constantly fighting off men talking s**t to me and treating me like a second rate human. So it’s not really cycling itself that I hate. But the people and situations that my head is starting to associate it with. It’s just become demoralizing and I get no joy out of it anymore.”

So, guys, do we want to fix that, or not? Do you only want to ride around with other bros, or do you like having a co-ed sport? Because this is the reality for so many women in cycling right now. This is the on-the-ground effect of using sex to sell products to dudes who want to f*** the model, and chicks who want to be the model. If you’re a white guy in bike racing right now, you are in the most powerful position, and it means you can affect the most change. Start hearing it from their side. Start taking their perspective seriously. I didn’t start racing bikes to join a frat or bro down about banging chicks. It’s up to us to change the environment, because right now we control it.

We totally get this. In fact we are always saying to our friends “Imagine if your sister or your mum took up cycling, how would you want them treated out on a ride?”.

What do you think? If you’re in a club what are they doing around these issues? Helping or hindering?

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