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Real gentlemen (and ladies) understand that there are three things you should never talk about in polite company – religion, politics and money.

Whether it’s at a dinner party, at work or nervously meeting your partner’s parents for the first time, you can be certain that if you bring one of these up, you’re going to offend someone that you had no intention of offending.

In my 30+ years of club cycling I’d say that maxim holds pretty true on the group ride as well. After all, the majority of us look forward to our time on the bike as an all too brief window where we can escape both the pressures and mundanity of daily life. Two wheels and lycra is a great leveller in the world. Fitness aside, we are all pretty much equal when we are out on a clubrun.

So quite what would make someone want to actively express their political views on a bike ride is anyone’s guess, but for those that do, we’ve found the ultimate conversation starter (or stopper, depending on your viewpoint)

Currently on sale from various drop-ship bike websites is this piece. We don’t really have the words for it, so we’ll let you choose your own.

Made in China and retailing for around £12 – 20 ($13 – 25), it features the face of the current President of the USA, Donald Trump printed on 100% real polyester.

If you’re looking for a reaction, you can be certain of getting one.

Irrespective of your politics though, there is one very important issue to consider. The back…

The same image of Donald Trump is also printed on the rear of the jersey. You might be able to judge people’s reactions accordingly when they see the jersey from the front, but you’d need eyes in the back of the head to know what the people behind you are thinking.

Donald Trump Jersey Rear

And if those people happen to be driving a car or truck and are just about to over take you? In the era where the word ‘punishment pass’ has entered into the vernacular, we wouldn’t like to take the chance.

We were wondering what the attraction is for people who buy this jersey, after all you don’t get Theresa May or Barack Obama cycling jerseys. Maybe it’s actually in homage to the days when Donald Trump was the title sponsor of North America’s largest stage race – the Tour de Trump?

Yes, back in the 1980s, when European style of stage racing was going through it’s first big phase in the USA, The Donald was involved with bike racing.

While we never actually saw him on a bike, he was very keen on it all. So keen in fact that here’s a video of him explaining how he is going to rival the Tour de France.

For those with a bit more disposable income to spend on Trump cycling memorabilia there is currently promotional artwork from the Tour de Trump race as well as an ultra rare Trump cycling cap.

Click the images below to go through to the eBay listing…

Donald Trump Cycling Cap
Donald Trump Cycling Cap
Donald Trump Cycling Poster

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