Its riding on consecutive days that’s hard

Dead legs and sluggishness. That’s what I was aware of all day, and it had only been one single initial ride in the bag the day before. The thoughts of going out again for day number two’s ride were not inviting.

With rain running down the windows from the vantage point of my sofa, my target of getting fit enough to be part of the local ‘bike club scene’ could have easily been put on hold for a day. A local ten mile ride would still count though wouldn’t it? Anything that gets gentle miles in is going to be one step closer to getting bike fitness, no matter how small that step is.

For many riders in London the main A23 road is the gateway to an escape from the daily grind. Taking you dead south to the six o’clock position of the M25, you can choose to head left towards Kentish villages, right towards Box Hill or for the strong, head straight on for an adventure to the south coast.

My plan wasn’t even to make it as far as the M25, just being on that road out to the edge of London was a opening the door for adventures to come. A flat five miles out and five miles back still counts more than sitting on the sofa.

An unexpected surprise was seeing old friends out on the road heading in the other direction. One in particular is himself a keen, well known, local cyclist. We stopped for an impromptu chat on a traffic island where encouragement was given to me, as well as a ticket for a forthcoming event at the foremost hub of cycling socials in London, Look Mum No Hands, and invites out to select, friendly midweek group rides, that may be a bit beyond my abilities at the moment, will no doubt keep my motivation up and provide something to aim for further down the road.

  • 11.85mi
  • 1:05:36┬áMoving Time
  • 200ftElevation
Elapsed Time1:18:15

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