Prime Aero Bars

For the serious cyclist looking to shave off precious seconds from their time trial, these Prime aero bars are a game-changer. With multiple ranges to choose from, these bars are designed to reduce wind resistance and improve aerodynamics, allowing you to reach maximum speed with ease.

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Experience Unmatched Performance

These Prime aero bars are built to withstand the toughest conditions, ensuring you get the most out of your ride. With a lightweight and durable construction, these bars are designed to provide a comfortable grip and allow you to maintain a perfect position for maximum aerodynamic advantage.

Choose from Multiple Ranges

From the sleek and stylish Prime Primavera to the ultra-lightweight Prime Black Edition, there's a range of Prime aero bars to suit every cyclist's preferences and needs. With easy installation and adjustable settings, these bars are perfect for riders of all levels.

Maximize Your Potential

Whether you're competing in a time trial or simply looking to improve your speed and performance, these Prime aero bars are an essential addition to your cycling arsenal. With their advanced design and exceptional performance, you can take your cycling to the next level and achieve your goals.