Grenade Food Supplements

Looking for a boost in your cycling performance? Look no further than GRENADE food supplements. These high-quality supplements are designed with cyclists in mind, providing the essential nutrients and energy needed to power through even the toughest rides.

From pre-workout supplements to protein powders and recovery drinks, GRENADE has a variety of products to meet the specific needs of every type of cyclist. Whether you're a mountain biker, road cyclist, or just enjoy a leisurely ride through the park, GRENADE has something for you.

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Fuel Your Ride with GRENADE

When it comes to cycling, nutrition is key. That's why GRENADE food supplements are the perfect addition to any cyclist's routine. Their pre-workout supplements, such as the popular .50 Calibre, provide a burst of energy and focus to power through even the toughest workouts.

For post-ride recovery, GRENADE offers the delicious and protein-packed Carb Killa bars. Packed with 20 grams of protein and only 2 grams of sugar, these bars are the perfect way to refuel after a long ride.

Boost Your Performance

In addition to their pre- and post-workout supplements, GRENADE also offers a range of products designed to improve performance. Their Thermo Detonator capsules, for example, are specially formulated to boost metabolism and increase energy, making them perfect for cyclists looking to shed some extra pounds.

Finally, for those looking to improve endurance, GRENADE's Hydra 6 protein powder is the perfect solution. With a blend of fast- and slow-release proteins, Hydra 6 provides sustained energy and helps to prevent muscle breakdown during long rides.